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Are you unsure whether private drug and alcohol rehab will be worth the investment it carries?

Many clients in fact have concerns over the viability of rehab, especially when considering the cost of privatised rehabilitation.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Powys

At Cassiobury Court, we understand why this is the case as, after all, your intentions are to benefit from the commitment that you’ve made to drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

We also recognise how this is your life, your future and your physical and psychological health, and your investment. With this in mind, it is natural if you’re questioning the suitability and value of visiting a private drug and alcohol rehab in Powys.

If you do however select a reputable private rehab clinic, where the benefits of privatised care are available, the expected investment will be worthwhile for you.

This is where we stand with private rehab, by offering personal rehab programmes, by offering the highest quality of care, by working with only accredited and experienced staff, by promoting a leading environment and use of addiction treatment options and by treating our clients as individuals, rather than numbers.

Through our efforts, high success rates are likely, linked to drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Here’s what to expect from selecting our rehab clinic, carrying both a private and residential status, along with general details around the contents of your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.


What are the benefits of private, residential rehab?

Understandably, while positioned against a free treatment programme or an outpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Powys, private, residential care will be seen as less desirable when comparing costs. However, it is important to remember that you’ll receive the quality of care, and potential recovery results that you pay for.

For some, working to a budget is necessary. However, for others, the importance of utilising private rehab as the lifeline that it ranks greater than the cost of rehab. By having this outlook, below are some of the benefits you can expect from private drug and alcohol rehab, offered here at Cassiobury Court.


Tailored action plan
If you select an outpatient or publicly funded drug and alcohol rehab in Powys, there’s a strong likelihood that you’ll be presented with a general rehab programme. As we said above, you get what you put into drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Through this general programme, standard side effects of addiction will be worked through.

Yet, at Cassiobury Court, we understand that addiction experiences all differ, requiring a tailored action plan. This is the exact standard you can encounter via private rehab, ensuring that your needs and relationship with drugs and alcohol can be prioritised.


Carefully controlled environments
The environment that you place yourself within while withdrawing and recovering from a drug and alcohol addiction can impact your response. Through a carefully controlled environment, your response will be positive, as you’ll avoid all distractions, triggers and unhealthy coping strategies.

While we’re set away from Powys, you’ll have a homely experience, ensuring that you are safe, comfortable and happy with your setting.

Access to effective addiction treatment services
Down to the structure of a residential rehab programme, you’ll have access to a personal programme that follows an intensive timeline. Here you’ll complete a range of addiction treatment services, all ranked as effective. You’ll complete anything from detoxification to psychological intervention via private rehab.

All-round recovery programme
Alongside addiction treatment recommendations, you’ll have an all-round recovery programme, in place, to boost your physical and psychological health, to work on your lifestyle, and to prepare for lift post-rehab through relapse prevention.

24/7 support
One of the greatest benefits of private rehab is that you will have a dedicated team to assist you on a 24/7 basis. This is very important, ensuring that you can work through the highs and lows with professional support.

Higher success rates
All in all, the above benefits provide higher success rates in comparison to lower quality rehab programmes. This is the exact return we’re sure you’ll want to experience, which is doable by selecting a reputable and fitting private drug and alcohol rehab.


Can I access these benefits from a drug and alcohol rehab in Powys?

If you select a private drug and alcohol rehab in Powys, there’s a strong likelihood that you will benefit from the above. However, you must also consider the extra bonus of a residential programme, attached to our offering.

Residential rehab can be selected on a local scale. Yet, clients will usually benefit greater from physical and psychological distance. Here’s where our rehab clinic can offer both forms of rehabilitation, providing quality yet private encounters.

To decide on the most fitting rehab clinic, it’s important to look internally as to what is important to you and what will motivate greater long-term recovery results for you.


How much treatment will I need?

Depending on personal encounters with drugs and alcohol, the form and amount of treatment, recommended to each client will differ.  With this in mind, for insight into your personal rehab programme, you’ll have to wait until post-assessment.

However, there’s a strong likelihood that if you are suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction, a 28-day programme will be encouraged, focusing on physical and psychological recovery.

This will provide a timeline of addiction treatment services, ensuring that you can fully withdraw safely from drugs and alcohol, work on your outlooks, work on your habits, and plan for the future without drugs and alcohol.

We must add that in order to tackle an addiction head-on, an intensive stream of addiction treatment services will be recommended. You can experience this at Cassiobury Court, while also following your own tailored rehab programme.


Can I start rehab right away?

As soon as you contact our team, plans will begin to facilitate your drug and alcohol rehab stay. Prior to active addiction treatment sessions, the admission process will take place, helping our team understand your needs and demands from rehab.

This is a very important step, subsequently helping our team form your tailored rehab programme, for success. With this in mind, to a degree, yes you can start rehab straight away.

Yet, for active recovery, a small wait will be required to make sure your rehab experience is seamless.

Through selecting a private drug and alcohol rehab, you can experience this value.

Looking beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in Powys will be recommended, opening up your potential to fully recover here in Watford.

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