We have treatment centres for drug and alcohol rehab in Torquay

Dealing with any form of addiction alone can be a very testing time. As drug and alcohol consumption increases, with the aim to block out withdrawal symptoms, long-term damages will continue to grow.

If side effects are currently invisible, please keep in mind that long-term substance abuse will lead to negative associations; health decline and the inability to complete life events are a few to mention.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Torquay

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Torquay

If you are based in Torquay, struggling with an addiction or mental health issues, consider our drug and alcohol specialised rehab centre here in Watford. This short relocation will be highly beneficial, helping you work through addiction related impairments. We offer evidence-based, highly valuable addiction treatments and care to boost recovery prospects.


Addiction support in Torquay

Are you searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Torquay? If so, you’re already on your way to recover which is great news. However, before investing, it is important that you do your research and consider your personal requirements.

If your drug and alcohol consumption is moderate, carrying little impact to your life, receiving outpatient treatment at a Torquay based rehab facility may carry the most effective results. However, if any negative impacts are experienced, no matter how little, here at Cassiobury Court, we follow residential rehab programmes, requiring a small move.

This approach has resulted in many success stories for our clients, helping them effectively yet efficiently recover from their drug and alcohol addiction. We achieve this by ensuring treatment and care are consistent and highly valuable, making sure that focus is firmly placed on continuous recovery. We further ensure that personalisation is highlighted to make sure rehab is meaningful for all clients.

By visiting out Watford based rehabilitation centre, we understand that this step may be overwhelming. To ease the process, we will welcome you into our community-based rehab, encouraging a home from home feel while offering beneficial drug and alcohol services.

Experience a positive recovery journey, carrying significant healing possibilities by changing your search from a convenient drug and alcohol rehab in Dorset, to a rehab facility, making your personal needs a priority.


When should support be sourced for substance abuse?

Are you wondering when the most appropriate time is to seek support for substance abuse? A number of factors will influence the requirement of a residential rehab programme.

The severity of your drug and alcohol consumption, and the ability to reduce intake will influence the level of treatment required. Likewise, the negative affects you experience from drugs and alcohol, and how you deal with them will impact timing. Additionally, your motivation to recover will influence the selection of investing into a residential programme at a private rehab centre.

However, if you are struggling at all through an addiction, seeking some form of support should be prioritised. Whether that’s opening up to family members, attending Torquay based support groups, or requesting support from a rehab centre, acknowledging that an issue is present will reduce damages.

Before life-altering illnesses and episodes enter your life, make that first step today by reaching out to our compassionate team. We will offer our specialised advice on recommending the most suitable steps moving forward, including further information on our rehab programmes. We will gauge whether a drug and alcohol rehab in Torquay will be suitable for outpatient treatment, or whether residential programmes will be best for recovery.


The benefits of a drug and alcohol detox

Although completing a drug and alcohol detox is one of the most challenging steps of treatment, it is a highly beneficial method. Currently, your body and mind are craving drugs and alcohol; it’s all they’ve known since consumption has started. By completing a detox, both your body and mind will slowly disconnect from substance abuse, experiencing what it’s like to be sober.

It is important to remember that withdrawal symptoms will make an appearance within this stage of rehab, sometimes making treatment unbearable. To tackle this stage, our team of medical professionals will devise the most appropriate treatment plan, full of complimenting treatment options to ease this process for you.

Most clients will usually start their rehab journey with a drug and alcohol detox. This will increase responsiveness to alternative treatment options, helping to boost progression efficiently.


Alternative addiction treatments available in rehab

Alongside a drug and alcohol detox, alternative industry leading addiction treatments will be recommended. When psychosocial interventions are required, a number of therapeutic, social and psychological treatment options will be combined with medical. This approach will ensure that clients can heal holistically, ensuring that any trace of an addiction has been diminished.

Treatment options commonly experienced to tackle substance abuse include cognitive behavioural therapy, group work, family therapy and individual counselling sessions. This wide variety will be completed, yet a personalised perspective will be followed to ensure the rehab process is worthwhile for you.

Our evidence-based addiction treatment methods are designed with recovery in mind and promote accomplishment if taken seriously. Our team of specialists will guide you through each step of rehab to ensure advancement is probable.


Our rehab programmes here at Cassiobury Court

If you are looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Torquay, consider an alternative route by receiving treatment at our specialised residential facility.

Our rehab programmes carry high success rates by combining the most effective treatment options, specialised guidance and a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. Our mission is to help those in need through a time of transformation, by creating personalised addiction treatment plans; all with the end goal of recovery.

By completing one of our comprehensive rehab programmes, our support will continue to guide you once returning home to Torquay. This step is valuable to ensure you are maintaining your recovery plan post rehab.

Get in touch today for our immediate support here at Cassiobury Court. We can run through all options near to Torquay, by taking your personal needs into consideration. Start you rehab journey today, by moving towards your end location, sober. Make the most of valuable addiction services, available to all determined to change.

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