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Searching for drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Wisbech? Cassiobury Court provides UK-leading addiction treatments to get your life back on track. Start the journey today.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Wisbech

An addiction to drugs or alcohol is an extremely difficult thing to go through. It can completely change the way you think and behave, causing immense strain on your personal and professional life. This is without even mentioning the havoc it can wreak on your physical health.

Alcohol abuse alone increases your risk of developing over 60 serious medical conditions, including high blood pressure; liver cirrhosis; and cancers of the mouth, throat, stomach and liver.1

Drug addiction is also a contributing factor in the development of various cancers, it can significantly raise your chances of developing lung or heart disease, and it makes acute medical emergencies such as strokes much more likely.2

Addiction is dangerous and it is destructive, and it can be incredibly hard to break the cycle of substance abuse on your own. The safest thing you can do if you are struggling with substance dependency issues is to reach out and seek professional help at a dedicated rehabilitation centre.


Signs You Need Rehab Treatment

Unfortunately, substance addiction has been associated with social stigma for a long time. Sufferers of drug and alcohol addiction often feel ashamed or guilty, and it can be very tempting to try to hide away and pretend there is no problem at all.

Sometimes, if the addiction began with casual drinking or drug use, it can be difficult to even realise that a problem has developed at all. But the complications associated with substance abuse are very real and very dangerous, so if you are abusing harmful substances it is important that you confront the issue as soon as you possibly can. If you are unsure whether or not you need help, it is worth asking yourself these questions:

  • Do I experience strong or persistent cravings for drugs or alcohol when I haven’t had any for a while?
  • Do I feel uncomfortable or unwell if I haven’t had any drugs or alcohol?
  • Have I experienced any significant changes in my behaviour recently? Am I feeling more anxious or irritable than usual?
  • Am I constantly planning ahead to my next drink or hit? Am I constantly worried about finding the money for more drugs or alcohol?

If your answer to these questions was yes, then it is possible that you have developed an addiction. Substance dependency is a serious matter, and it is a scary position to find yourself in, but rehabilitation can help you get things back on track.


Treatment Options in Wisbech

There are public addiction treatments available through the NHS but, sadly, these programmes are often underfunded and overstretched. The rehabilitation courses offered by the NHS tend to be outpatient, which means that you would have to manage your own appointments and would still be exposed to the stresses and triggers in your everyday life that fuel your substance abuse throughout the treatment period.

There are also often long waiting lists, which means that it could take weeks or even months before you begin to receive care.

With addiction, every day counts. The most effective way to overcome your addiction is by enrolling at a private, residential alcohol rehab centre. At Cassiobury Court, we offer high-quality facilities and a team of dedicated medical and psychological professionals who can help you through the difficult process of recovery.


Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal in Rehab

Most of the time, when addiction sufferers try to quit on their own, they do so by going cold turkey. Suddenly and completely cutting off your usage is painful and, potentially, dangerous. This is why so many addicts fail to kick their addictions without help. When your body is dependent on a substance, and it suddenly stops receiving that substance, you will experience what is known as withdrawal.

Withdrawal symptoms can vary greatly depending on the substance involved, the length and heaviness of usage, and various other factors. Withdrawal from opioids, such as heroin, can be particularly harmful. Withdrawal symptoms can be both physical and psychological. Fatigue, insomnia, paranoia, tremoring and muscle pain are all common symptoms of drug withdrawal.

Our drug detox clinic offers the safest environment in which to go through this process. Our dedicated medical staff will be on hand to help and guide you through the worst of the withdrawal. In the controlled and regulated space of our clinic, your access to drugs and alcohol will be controlled, preventing the very real danger of a relapse.

Flushing the toxins out of your system will never be a pleasant or easy experience, but in a specialised alcohol detoxification facility, we can make it as comfortable and as safe as possible.


How Long Does Rehab Take?

Detox is not the only element of addiction treatment. For a complete and lasting recovery, it is important to address the psychological aspects of your addiction.

This requires a holistic programme of therapy. Treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy, art therapy and counselling will allow us to identify and address the root causes of your addiction and break the negative patterns of thinking that lead to persistent substance abuse.

Every case is different, so we personalise our courses of treatment to suit the individual needs of each of our clients. It is impossible to say exactly how long your rehabilitation will take. Some patients require a longer stay with us, some shorter, but the average time is 28 days.


Start Treatment Today

When it comes to addiction, delays in treatment can be deadly. Every day that passes increases your risk of developing a debilitating medical condition or suffering an acute emergency.

We offer help for drug and alcohol addiction in many parts of East Anglia, including Norfolk, Oxfordshire, areas of Cambridgeshire such as Peterborough, and areas within Huntingdonshire like St Neots.

If you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, the time to act is now. Contact us by telephone on 0800 001 4070, email or online chat to begin the admissions process, and begin your recovery today.

Frequently Asked Questions

The threat of relapse will always be there, but we will teach you how to make sure that you keep that threat at bay no matter what triggers may appear in your life. We want to make sure that, through out relapse prevention planning, that you are able to focus on your life while staying clean becomes second nature.

When you finally reach out to us and sort your place at our treatment centre the helpline staff will be able to provide you with a thorough list of what you need to bring. However, some of the basics include clothing for both outdoor and indoor activities, a notepad and pen to record your progress, and pictures of your loved ones/sentimental items to keep you committed to recovery. In terms of physical preparation, you do not need to do much as our detoxification clinic will help you through this. The most important preparation is perhaps the act of getting yourself ready to make serious changes to your life — without this readiness to commit to a new, sober life, rehab may not be effective for you.

Here at Cassiobury Court we want to make sure that our rehabilitation centres are a far cry from the sort of cold, uncaring places that you will see in movies. Our residential rehabs will provide you with a warm, private, ensuite room for you to enjoy during your stay. Furthermore, you will have three home cooked meals provided for you each day, all cooked by our nutritional specialist chefs. Finally, we also have recreational and entertainment suites/areas for you to relax and unwind when you are not engaged with one of our state-of-the-art treatments

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