The Rewards Of Sobriety

The Rewards Of Sobriety

Making the decision to abstain from alcohol and drugs is a life-changing choice. The process may be a difficult journey but the rewards of sobriety are limitless.

Choosing a sober life through the 12-step method delivers endless potential for a better life. There are countless benefits of sobriety, some of which are more obvious than others.

In this article, we discuss:

  • How your self-respect will increase alongside your awareness of having personal boundaries
  • What clean living can bring to your life
  • The feeling of freedom as opposed to the shackles of addiction
  • Increased appreciation of your support network
  • Courage and connection with others
  • How sobriety builds the strength to cope with life


The Magic of Self-Respect

If you are an individual who has suffered from addiction, the chances are that you struggle with the concept of self-respect. This could be for a number of reasons but what is important to remember is that you are in recovery and getting back to a life you want to lead, free of the addictions that were once holding you back.

Liking and respecting yourself may be a challenging concept however this is a path from which only positives can emerge and strengthen. Living under the influence of alcohol or drug addiction usually breeds self-contempt – getting away from that is an important stepping stone towards regaining and owning your own self-respect.

Sobriety requires that you take a long, cold look in the mirror. The way you feel about yourself directly affects the life you choose to live and, through self-exploration, you can begin to foster a feeling of respect for yourself, your skills and the choices you make.


Clean Living, Routine and Stability

Alcohol and drugs are toxins. The human body can process these in small amounts but their presence in your body has detrimental impacts. By living a clean, sober life, you enable your system to detox and work more efficiently without strain on your internal organs.

Similarly, by choosing to live a life of sobriety, you will discover the benefits of a stable routine. Being addicted to an illicit substance generally tends to culminate in a chaotic life with no real structure because you are ruled by the desire to be under the influence and escape reality.

Routine is crucial in a healthy, mentally stable life. Although this might be difficult to adhere to in the early stages of sobriety, persevering and sticking to a set timetable will pay off once the good habits have formed and you see the benefit of choosing responsibility.


Freedom In a Calm Life

Addiction is controlling. You are not dependent on yourself – rather, you are enslaved to intoxicating substances. Sobriety cuts these chains and allows you to live your life on the terms you choose.

Though there will be many temptations in your day to day life, staying true to your path of recovery as opposed to grappling with an overruling, toxic authority in your life, will enable you to gain a mental clarity that you cannot achieve whilst drunk or high.

Real freedom is the commitment to a worthy cause. By creating a life focused on self-progression, self-acceptance and clear consciousness, you will find peace of mind as opposed to stress and confusion.


Appreciation For Your Support Network and Developed Compassion

After getting in touch with your inner demons and facing them head on, you will start to realise how much damage has been caused to those around you. Forgiving yourself for this is an essential part of the process and this self-forgiveness must be achieved before you can fully heal.

Hopefully, you have had a stable network around you whether that be family and friends or a support group. Once committed to the path of sobriety and the actions required to stay on that path, you will realise how crucial these people are on your journey back to a normal life free of addiction.

Instead of living a life of fear, worried about being found out or causing pain and hurt to others, you can live compassionately and empathetically. Before, you were unable to deal with your pain. Now, although difficult, you can observe problematic behavioural patterns in yourself and then you can make amends as necessary.

Living through an experience like this develops your emotional intelligence, empathetic awareness, and understanding of the fragility of existence. These all add up to an unparalleled level of human insight which you can, in turn, use to help others.


Courage and Connections

The chances are that you have engaged in numerous toxic relationships during your time in addiction. Once you have chosen the sober path in life, you can begin to build positive, supportive connections with likeminded people.

It takes real strength of character to break away from addiction. Be proud of the bravery you have shown in even trying to change your life. The pain addiction causes results in many casualties, facing up to this can be overwhelming.

What really helps people stay on the right track is human connection. Sharing stories and supporting one another is the key to long-term sobriety. Having a mentor who understands what you have been through and is further along the sobriety path than you can be incredibly useful.

It has been said that ‘the opposite of addiction is not sobriety, but connection.’ Do not isolate yourself in your recovery. Keep your support network involved and keep talking. Addiction harbours a lonely life – it’s time to choose a different path and reap the rewards.


Strength To Cope With Life

Drugs and alcohol allow you to escape reality but only to a painful alternative reality. Waking up to life and responsibility in a sober frame of mind is scary but continuing a life of intoxication is much more dangerous.

Once you have made the commitment to become sober one day at a time, you can start to rectify the mistakes you have made step by step. This is much easier if you have a stable support system around you to help.

Not only will you begin to develop the mental agility to cope with the world around you, but by choosing sobriety, you can gain the physical strength lost whilst surrendering to drink and drugs. Presumably, living under the influence of illicit substances has taken its toll on your body but sobriety allows you to make healthy life choices like healthy food and regular exercise.

Sobriety rewards you in many ways. A clean life free from alcohol addiction or illicit drugs allows you to connect with your true self, understand what makes you, you, and how best to live a peaceful, shame-free and content existence.

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