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Each year, thousands of people across Berkshire choose Cassiobury Court for their Alcohol Rehab Slough needs.

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Alcohol Rehab Slough

Alcohol Rehab Slough

Cassiobury Court is the perfect choice of treatment provider for people seeking to go to rehab in Slough. Each year, thousands of people across Berkshire choose Cassiobury Court for their  alcohol rehab Slough needs. If you live in Slough and you wish to live your life without drugs and alcohol, then get this process off to a flying start by contacting us today on 01923 804 139.

The failings of public services

Admittedly, thanks to years of Government cutbacks, there is a crisis in the amount of publically available help available to people suffering from addiction. Slough is no exception in this regard. For instance, if you require a medically supervised detox, you will need to lodge an application with a ‘funding committee’.
This committee is liable to withholding funding or to delay treatment for at least 12-months. When funding does become available, it’s highly unlikely you will benefit from a residential detox programme. Instead, you will undertake a ‘community’ detox programme. This is highly inferior to undergoing treatment on a residential basis.

Affordable and accessible private treatment

To avoid this situation, Cassiobury Court offers affordable private addiction Alcohol Rehab Slough. When you attend our residential treatment facility, you won’t have to appease a funding committee. This is because you will pay for your treatment yourself. However, because our treatment is highly affordable and within the reach of most people in Slough.

How to go to alcohol rehab Slough

At Cassiobury Court, each client we treat benefits from an entirely unique Alcohol Rehab Slough plan. We do not believe in treatment standardisation. We tailor your treatment by carrying out a full assessment, both before you enter the centre and when you physically arrive. The telephone assessment is carried out by one of our admissions advisors, whilst the in-person assessment is carried out by a consultant psychiatrist.
Following this assessment, you then begin your addiction treatment in residential settings. Here, you are guaranteed to be removed from temptation and bad influences that could otherwise threaten your recovery. Your treatment begins with a detox programme. During this time, the physical toxins are removed from your system in a controlled manner. We say ‘controlled’ because undergoing a detox is known for triggering withdrawal symptoms. Thanks to the medications you will be given, you may expect a alcohol detox that doesn’t include potentially life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.

Addressing the psychological causes of addiction

An addiction is known as a ‘disease of the mind’. Since a detox is about removing toxins from the blood, it follows that a detox alone isn’t enough to eliminate an addiction. An addiction is formed by the formation of reward pathways in the brain. To help you weaken these pathways, you need to stay in recovery for around 3-4 years. Over this time, the brain slowly upturns these pathways, although they will never be completely removed.
When you attend rehab, we offer workshop sessions that educate you on the science of addiction. We also offer therapy sessions that allow you to understand and nullify your ‘addiction triggers’. Therapy is also offered on an outclient basis following the completion of inclient treatment. This reflects the long-term effort that’s needed to defeat your addiction.

Requesting further information

For more information on our alcohol rehab Slough, contact Cassiobury Court today on 01923 804 139. Alternatively, contact us through this website. We look forward to hearing from you soon.