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Alcohol is a polarising substance. All over the world, people enjoy alcoholic drinks – in some countries more than others, but generally the outlook towards the consumption of alcohol is positive. In fact, in many cultures drinking in order to celebrate or to drink as a social lubricant. In all fairness, alcohol does not harm anyone in small amounts, and drinking responsibly can even help in some cases!

However, alcohol use has a dark side that does get attention, but not enough attention as it is one of the largest factors when it comes to worldwide deaths. There are tens of thousands of people each year who die due to an alcohol related illness or incident. To add to that, millions of people struggle to stop abusing alcohol, even if they know very well that it is extremely damaging for their health.

Alcohol abuse in the Greater London area is rife – especially in Slough. Do you currently live in the area near Berkshire or London and you suffer from alcohol addiction? It is not too late to stop. You too can get help today through our Alcohol Rehab Slough clinic. Call us today for more information on how we can help you.

How Do I Know I’m Addicted

This is a question not many people can answer, essentially the only person who can answer this question is you. You know yourself best, so it is a good idea if you put your drinking behaviour in perspective. Asking yourself a few questions about your alcohol intake for example. A technique that you can use is to gauge whether your alcohol addiction or not is called the “CAGE” questionnaire.

  • Have you ever felt you should cut down on your drinking?
  • Have people annoyed you by criticizing your drinking?
  • Have you ever felt bad or guilty about your drinking?
  • Have you ever had a drink first thing in the morning to steady your nerves or get rid of a hangover (eye-opener)?

Do you feel like any two of these issues apply to you? You might be suffering from an addiction. At Cassiobury Court, we have spent years creating the perfect environment for you to get clean in. Why not give us an initial call for some advice!

Why Alcohol Is Harmful In Large Amounts

A lot of people know that binge drinking alcohol is not good – but not a lot of people know the exact harms and why alcohol addiction destroys your body – specifically your heart and your liver.. Alcohol is simply toxic.


Alcohol also affects the heart. It weakens your heart muscle. This means that after periods of prolonged drinking it will become more difficult for your heart to keep pumping blood to the rest of your body.

The Liver:

Your liver is the main victim of alcohol addiction. It is the largest organ in your body, and it is important in detoxifying your body. It essentially help your body to get rid of waste products. Alcohol damages your liver as your liver cannot break down the enzymes from alcohol, so it essentially burns the alcohol instead of fat.

Convinced That You Need To Quit? Here Is How Alcohol Rehab Slough Can Help You!

At our Alcohol Rehab Slough centre, we can offer you help with getting sober. Once you feel you are ready, speak to one of our advisors. After the first conversation, which is essentially an intake conversation to gauge whether you would be in need of our help.

Once you agree to let us help you get better, we will pick you up from your Manchester home. The first period will mostly be about setting targets and detoxification. Our usual aim is to do inpatient treatment suitable to your needs and wants for 28 days – with aftercare being provided in an outpatient form for a full year. Alcohol Detox will shortly start after your arrival at the clinic.

Getting Ready

We advise you to prepare suitably before alcohol rehab begins. This involves you letting your employer, family and friends know that you will not be available for a long period of time. This is important as you will be at our rehab centre in Watford for 28 days.

Alcohol Detox

Our rehab is situated in Watford, and the entirety of your Detox – the first step towards becoming clean again – will be done fully inpatient. The Detox period will be the process of cleaning out your body of all the alcohol that is still in your system. Normally, that can take up to ten days to complete. Those 10 days can be very intense in order to complete due to withdrawal symptoms.

Especially in regards to alcohol, it can be very painful and stressful to be in withdrawal. A variety of withdrawal symptoms might occur – and they range from mild to very severe. Examples of “mild” withdrawal symptoms are anxiety and feelings of restlessness. Many addicts will struggle sleeping for the first few nights, due to the fact that your body feels its missing an essential chemical in your brain. Alcohol is also a depressive that helps sleep in general.

Post – Detox

Post detox is an important part of Alcohol Rehab Slough. This is where we help you get to know yourself better, and how alcohol affects your ability to make decisions. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy allows you to get to know yourself better and find the reasons why you are addicted. To help you cope better without alcohol, we try and help you learn ways to protect yourself from alcohol addiction.