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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bath

Like many populated towns and cities, drug and alcohol consumption has also increased in areas such as Bath, resulting in the need for specialised support. Are you suffering alone, looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Bath, or the surrounding area?

Although there are many rehab centres dotted across the UK, it is important that you find a facility which carries high success rates, along with the passion for promoting recovery. Sadly, some services cannot fully support those in need, failing to offer consistent, high-quality care and addiction treatment.

Here at Cassiobury Court, we appreciate how difficult the decision can be to attend a rehab facility. With this in mind, if you are searching for a drug and alcohol rehab centre, local to Bath, who utilises industry leading addiction treatments, designed with recovery in mind, reach out to our team today. We are specialised in addictive behavioural disorders, including drug and alcohol dependencies.

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Helping You Understand Addiction & Its Impacts

To many individuals with little knowledge or experience of addiction, there’s a stigma attached; a stigma indicating that those suffering have brought on this addiction themselves.

When in fact, an addiction can affect anyone, no matter your current mental state, lifestyle or future plans. It is a behavioural illness which can be triggered by a single influence.

For some individuals, an addiction can stem from previous stressful situations or abuse. For others, drugs and alcohol may have been used as a coping mechanism, which has sadly got out of control, resulting in an addiction. Therefore, it is important that a non-judgmental approach is always followed when considering an addiction, along with always offering support.

Without the right support, a drug and alcohol addiction can be very serious. Major physical and mental health disorders are likely to develop, along with the inability to lead a happy, healthy life. Those with an addiction will continue to follow the vicious circle of consumption, with the aim to block out withdrawal symptoms and mental health issues. Therefore, it is important that some form of support and intervention is offered; something we wholly promote here at Cassiobury Court.


The Benefits Of Completing A Comprehensive Rehab Programme

The biggest benefit of completing a comprehensive rehab programme is the ability to become free from addiction. For those living years with a drug and alcohol addiction will know the strain, distress and the emotional rollercoaster which is experienced; along with the impacts to their family members.

By investing into a comprehensive rehab programme where effective addiction treatments are utilised, the probability of leading a sober future is highly likely. This is possible through the consistent, immediate, specialised support available to clients, ensuring that rehab does what it says on the tin; help clients rehabilitate and realign their body and mind.

For some clients, an independent attempt to overcome an addiction may have been experienced. Likewise, future clients may believe this is possible. However, without the medical support, reducing drug and alcohol intake can be very difficult and dangerous in some cases. Additionally, without a structured rehab programme, giving into withdrawal symptoms is more likely while attempting to go cold turkey alone.

Therefore, if your aim is to remain sober for the foreseeable future, with the ability to oversee any drug and alcohol temptations, completing a rehab programme will give you the strength and tools to do so. With the right combination of support, rehabilitation is possible; something we are very proud of here in Watford.


Seek Support Local To Bath

Here at Cassiobury Court, we understand how ideal experiencing treatment in a drug and alcohol rehab in Bath, close to home will be. However, imagine the difficulty of avoiding drugs and alcohol while surrounded by your current influences? This will make recovery impossible, as temptations and usual triggers will make an appearance.

With this in mind, we recommend seeking support at a rehab centre which offers convenient, yet enough distance to work on yourself. Our Watford rehab centre will offer this for Bath locals, ensuring that a return home post rehab is probable, ready to live independently.

As this step can be difficult for some, please be reassured that our rehab centre is a home from home, offering everything you will need while you overcome your drug and alcohol addiction. Likewise, your family members will be supported throughout, ensuring that your support network is strong and prepared for your return.

This investment and dedication will serve you well, making your rehab experience worthwhile. Our rehab programmes carry significant results and have helped many clients overcome chronic addictions and mental health issues. We can help you do the same through your own personalised treatment programme.

To find out if our residential rehab centre is suitable for you, reach out to our team today on 01923 369 161. We will get to know your drug and alcohol addiction further to ensure we can cater to your needs.


Our Addiction Treatments Here at Cassiobury Court

By selecting our rehab centre, you will be provided with a personalised route to treatment. We believe that it’s important that each client is treated individually, as addictions effect clients differently.

To cater to your personal needs, a variety of medical, therapeutic and social addiction treatments will be recommended. Commonly, the rehab process will begin with a drug and alcohol detox. This is one of the most challenging treatments to complete, as immediate withdrawal symptoms make an appearance. However, once this hurdle has been completed, responsiveness to further treatment options will increase. Further treatment methods include cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational therapy and counselling sessions with family members.

Each are recommended with recovery in mind, helping to work through your mental and physical connection to drugs and alcohol. For your convenience, observations will be completed to ensure progression is continuing throughout your rehab journey. Likewise, relapse prevention classes will be promoted to prepare you for a return home to Bath.

If you are searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Bath, consider a small relocation to our residential rehab centre here in Watford. Our specialised programmes are available immediately, helping you start your new sober life sooner than you think. Reach out today by calling 01923 369 161 to experience your own rehab journey.

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