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Understandably, those who are living with chronic addictions will opt for an easy way out. This far, they may have lived through struggle, with the hope that such struggles can come to a halt as they withdraw from drugs and alcohol.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Glastonbury

It’s natural to long for a quick fix, if you are. However, we must highlight how addiction recovery can be a lengthy process, which requires the investment of time, dedication, energy and money. We do not say this to put you off the idea of recovery, but to prepare you for how impactful a completed rehab journey can be.

Through the desire to recover quickly, many individuals will either select to go cold turkey, wait for NHS treatment services, or select a convenient rehab clinic to recover from.

Have you followed this approach, searching high and low for the cheapest or closest drug and alcohol rehab in Glastonbury? If so, please do not feel ashamed or silly for doing so, it’s likely that you’ve been driven by your desperation to detach from drugs and alcohol.

Instead, feel glad to have stumbled across our website and rehab offering, here to in fact help you through the most effective and productive form of rehab, making your recovery easier for the long-term.

As we’ve shared, there isn’t an easy way out from addiction. Yet there is a wise way out, which we offer here at Cassiobury Court through residential rehab.


Is selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Glastonbury an easy way out?

You may believe that selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Glastonbury will be the easiest option. Down to convenience, down to the fact that rehab can be completed in your local area, and down to the fact that you can recover locally, reducing the cost of your treatment commitments, ease is a perceived attachment.

Such assets can be delivered by visiting a local rehab clinic. However, for those with chronic addictions, mental health issues, or even low tolerances, with the positives, comes the negatives of local recovery.

Selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Glastonbury, in fact, will not be the easy way out. An easy way out from a drug and alcohol addiction doesn’t exist. Yet, local recovery can in fact rank as harder, where residential rehab will stand as the easier option.

Choosing a rehab clinic on your doorstep can influence many obstacles, such as emotional relapses, stigmatisation, feelings of overfamiliarity, and lower levels of accountability. As you’ll feel comfortable, there’s a chance that you may perceive such steps to be easier, when in fact you’ll be faced with the challenges of rehab, and then some.

With this in mind, before believing that staying local will be the easiest way out from addiction, we encourage you to do your research and consider how tough familiarity may be for you when triggering drug and alcohol cravings. In the event that convenience will be too much, it’s time to consider suitability via residential rehab.


Opting for suitability over convenience

Convenience is a key selling point when choosing to recover. Everything about your drug and alcohol addiction may have been an inconvenience. With this in mind, you’ll want a different rehab experience to encounter. However, while convenience is comforting and handy, it can trip you up, as you’ll enter a false sense of security.

Instead of selecting a convenient rehab clinic in Glastonbury, you should follow the measure of suitability. Here you should select a rehab clinic that can facilitate your recovery journey from physical and psychological standpoints, a rehab programme where your needs matter, a rehab clinic that can offer private services yet to your budget, and a recovery journey that can still promote addiction recovery.

Suitability should always be your option as a way out from addiction, which we can offer at Cassiobury Court, down to our flexible, transparent and personal offering of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


Addiction treatment programmes here at Cassiobury Court

The aim of rehab is to promote long-term recovery for all. In order to fulfil this, personalised rehab programmes must be offered and completed, down to the multifaceted context of addiction.

As a result of the complex causes and consequences of addiction, we promote addiction treatment programmes that are tailored to your needs. You can expect to complete treatment services that will consider your wellbeing and mental health, you can expect to complete safe addiction treatment services, and you can expect to complete treatment options that work for you.

Of course, recovery is defined by withdrawing from drugs and alcohol and learning to live without them. Yet, it’s also identified as the ability to devalue their presence and manage a healthy and positive life without their support or influence. Our programmes promote this level of recovery, by oozing suitability.


Recovering from a dual diagnosis

If you’re suffering from negative thoughts or mental health symptoms, you may worry that addiction recovery will be impossible. Through a general programme via a drug and alcohol rehab in Glastonbury, this may be the case, as you’ll fail to target deeper emotional connections which such behaviours, habits and substances.

However, here at Cassiobury Court, you can look to recover from a dual diagnosis, standing as mental health symptoms and addictive behaviours, through our mutual treatment services. While some treatments will work in unison for both, we will look at both conditions individually to help you recover. This is important to boost your recovery ratings, but to also reduce the risk of relapse on your return to Glastonbury.

Opening up about your emotions or mental health may be new to you, which can feel like a daunting step through therapy. However, you’ll be provided with a dedicated team to support you on a confidential basis through dual diagnosis treatment.

Recover on a comprehensive basis by selecting the most suitable form of rehab, which can facilitate and cater to your personal needs. An addiction is a personal condition to live with. To recover, we must treat you individually. Select suitable drug and alcohol rehabilitation here at Cassiobury Court over the convenience of a Glastonbury based treatment programme. We also offer addiction help to people in nearby locations such as Bath, Bristol and Bridgwater.

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