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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bishop’s Stortford

If you are suffering an addiction, you may not feel that you’re making the most of your life. That’s why Cassiobury Court offers a comprehensive treatment programme that’s a mixture of traditional and holistic therapies, the aim of which is to get you away from harmful substances and to build a solid foundation for the future. If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Bishop’s Stortford, then we are in a convenient location on the outskirts of Watford, just under an hour’s drive away, making it easy for loved ones to visit during your recovery. With NHS resources stretched in areas such as Bishop’s Stortford, it’s no wonder so many people are now considering private rehab for their treatment, and we can find you a place in a matter of hours.


Treatment that works for you

No two addictions are alike, and we work with people from all sorts of backgrounds and walks of life. The team at Cassiobury Court understand the importance of treatment that’s tailored specifically to you, so from your initial phone call and throughout the entire process, we’ll ensure we are meeting your needs. Our initial advice is free and confidential, so you can decide whether residential rehab is the right choice for you, and we’ll be happy to discuss payment options for your stay.

When you arrive at Cassiobury Court, you’ll undergo a full assessment from a qualified psychiatrist so we can ensure you get the right treatment. Those with a drug or alcohol addiction with often have a dual diagnosis with a mental health condition or similar, so we want to ensure that all issues are addressed.


Staying at Cassiobury Court

Many people who look for drug and alcohol rehab in Bishop’s Stortford will choose Cassiobury Court because it offers some of the best facilities in the area. Rather than feeling like a clinic or hospital, our facility feels homely and welcoming, so there’s no need to feel anxious about coming here. You can opt for a private room, some of which are en-suite, which gives you somewhere to escape after a long day of therapy, and there are also great communal areas for when you feel like being sociable. Cassiobury Court is set in beautiful grounds in a leafy suburb and is close to a large park, so there are plenty of opportunities to get fresh air.

A big advantage of opting for residential rehab when you’re in drug or alcohol recovery is the amount of support that you get. You get 24/7 support from our team while you stay here, which can be especially helpful when you’re going through detox, as you may feel quite anxious, depressed or have symptoms such as insomnia. Those with more severe addictions may need close monitoring during withdrawal, and our team know which symptoms to look out for. Because you’re in residential rehab, you can also be given prescription medication during your detox, which can make it feel a little easier.


Don’t delay treatment

Many people with addictions are strongly in denial about the damage it’s causing. You may feel that you can control your addiction, or that you can simply use willpower and cut down on your own. Unfortunately, the majority of addictions don’t resolve themselves, they simply get worse over time. There’s often something that triggers the search for drug and alcohol rehab in Bishop’s Stortford, which can be a relationship breakdown, job loss or even legal trouble caused by an addiction. However, it’s better to not let things get to this point and to seek treatment as soon as you realise you have a problem, as it’s often more straightforward to get help in the early stages.


Our treatment programme

The programmes available at Cassiobury Court include both traditional and holistic methods, giving you the tools you need for long term sobriety. You’ll have intensive sessions of therapy such as CBT, as well as regular group sessions with others staying in the facility. We can also arrange for couple or family therapy to help you re-build relationships. We understand that therapy can be hard work, so there are lots of opportunities to relax in yoga and mindfulness sessions, or you can enjoy a treatment such as a massage.

We know that the work doesn’t stop once you walk out the door. If you complete your 28-day programme with us, you’ll get a year of free aftercare. This makes Cassiobury Court great value for money for those looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Bishop’s Stortford. You are most vulnerable to a relapse in the first year after leaving rehab, so these sessions are an excellent way to keep you on track, helping you through the challenges of life.


Getting help for a loved one

It can be difficult to encourage a loved one to go to rehab, which is why we’ve tried to create an environment that’s as welcoming and friendly as possible. However, if your loved one is still refusing to go to treatment, you might want to speak to our team to discuss options such as an intervention, which can be an excellent way to encourage people to seek help. Cost can also be a big factor, which is why we’ve tried to keep prices as reasonable as possible, considering the level of support on offer, and can find a treatment plan to suit your budget.

To find out more about undertaking drug and alcohol rehab with Cassiobury Court, call the team on 01923 369 161 or text HELP to 83222 and we’ll get in t

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