We have treatment centres for drug and alcohol rehab in Stevenage

Whether you’re worried about your own drug and alcohol use, or that of a loved one, Cassiobury Court are here to help.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In Stevenage

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Stevenage

Based in the countryside close to Watford, it’s the ideal location for those looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Stevenage, offering residential treatment in a pleasant, comfortable environment.

Combining traditional treatments with holistic therapy, we can create a treatment plan that can help you stay away from alcohol and drugs for the rest of your life.


Why choose Cassiobury Court for rehab?

While you may be looking for rehab in Stevenage, it’s worth considering a centre that’s slightly away from home, as this can take you away from the negative influences in your life and help you avoid a relapse.

Cassiobury Court is set in Watford, just a short drive from Stevenage, St. Albans and other major Hertfordshire towns, and it can be easily reached by public transport if friends and family want to visit you.

Cassiobury Court is set in a peaceful, leafy part of Watford, surrounded by pretty grounds and close to a large park. This is a great backdrop for you to go through your recovery.

You’ll have a private room, some of which are en-suite, so you can have privacy and alone time when needed. From catered meals to laundry service, we take care of all your everyday needs, so you can simply focus on your treatment.

We understand that the rehab process can be tough, so we ensure that there’s time to relax. You can take walks in the countryside, enjoy organised activities, or even enjoy holistic treatments or a massage.

We can even organise fitness sessions so that you can work on healing your body, returning home feeling refreshed and revitalised, which can help you overcome your addiction in the long term.


What does a rehab programme involve?

Your treatment plan will be designed specifically to your needs, and we’ll discuss it during your initial phone consultation and your assessment on arrival.

Most people have an idea of what they want to get out of drug and alcohol rehab in Stevenage, whether it’s learning to stop drinking to excess, or stopping drugs for life, so we’ll talk about setting realistic goals.

Nearly all patients who stay at Cassiobury Court will go through a detox, which is the first step towards overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction. It means that you can get these harmful substances out of your system, allowing both your body and mind to heal.

Detox isn’t easy, and it can be quite dangerous, so it’s much better if done under medical supervision. Withdrawal symptoms can vary, depending on the length and severity of your addiction, but we can help with the worst of the side effects.

There are prescription medications available that have been designed for those going through alcohol or drug withdrawal, and if you choose residential rehab, then we can discuss getting you a prescription to help you through detox.

Rehab involves intensive therapy from the first day that you arrive. It’s not easy, but many people with addictions find this intensive approach much more effective than outpatient treatment.

You’ll have individual therapy that’s designed to suit your needs, and this often includes CBT, which is a great way to identify the source and trigger of your addiction and to learn coping skills that can help prevent a relapse.

Group therapy is also a big part of rehab. While you may feel shy about talking to fellow patients, our groups are overseen by a member of staff to encourage everyone to share.

When you stay in treatment centres, it can be very beneficial to speak to others who’ve gone through addiction, as you’ll no doubt see parallels to your own situation, and you can support each other throughout your journey.


Can I get help today?

In many areas, it can be a long wait to get NHS help and support, and when you do reach the top of the waiting list you may find that the treatment isn’t suitable for you.

That’s why we’re often contacted by people seeking drug and alcohol rehab in Stevenage who want to get started on treatment right away, and feel they don’t have anywhere else to turn.

We can get you into our clinic in a matter of hours, rather than weeks, and can make arrangements such as transport, ensuring you arrive here safely.

Delaying rehab can often have negative effects on the lives of people with addiction. While things are delayed they may build up a tolerance and start to use more drugs, they can find themselves getting into more debt, or even causing problems in their personal or work lives.

There can even be legal consequences from taking drugs or drinking to excess, whether it’s from anti-social behaviour or driving under the influence. That’s why early intervention is always best in cases of addiction, so we can help you out before it causes irreversible damage.


What happens after rehab?

Most of our programmes are 28 days long, but we understand that the first year after giving up alcohol or drugs can be extremely tough. That’s why those who complete a programme at Cassiobury Court will get 12 months of free aftercare.

Stevenage also has some great local support groups, so we’ll be sure to put you in touch with some organisations who specialise in recovery.

Our aftercare team may also make suggestions such as extended care or family therapy, depending on your situation, all of which can help you avoid a relapse and keep away from your addictions for life.

If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Stevenage, call Cassiobury Court today for a discreet, non-judgemental service. Simply call us today or text HELP to 83222 and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

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