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Addiction can take over your life – profoundly impacting health, relationships, career and finances. But if you’re suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction or are watching someone you care for go through it, it doesn’t have to be this way forever.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Falmouth

There is a way out, and you’ve taken the first step by being on this page. Here, we explore drug and alcohol rehab options in Falmouth and explain what you should do if you need professional help.


Signs that You Need Help for Your Addiction

There isn’t a sole symptom that means you have an alcohol and drug addiction or need help. Instead, it’s usually a pattern of behaviour but if anything has made you question your own behaviour or loved ones, then think about why. Addiction is a personal illness; some people will present certain signs over others.

What’s more, there’s what’s known as functioning addicts, which are where someone is able to hide their addiction or even the impact it’s having on their wider life. These are some commons signs and symptoms of addiction, though and mean you could benefit from help:

  • Wanting to stop using drugs or drinking alcohol but not being able
  • Continuing to use despite the negative impact of the drug and alcohol on your health, finances, family life, relationships and career
  • Experiencing cravings and withdrawal symptoms without the substance
  • Deceitful and dishonest behaviour relating to the substance
  • Using the substance at inappropriate times of the day
  • Requiring more of the drug or alcohol to function or get the same pleasure

Lots of people struggle to admit that they’ve got a drug and alcohol addiction or don’t even realise that they are suffering. This is an important step in the recovery process and is essential for long-term recovery. At Cassiobury Court, our team is trained to speak to people who might be in denial.

While they won’t force you into anything or demand that you need to go to alcohol and drug rehab, they will present the idea of addiction in a calm and supportive manner and outline the options available and how the future could look in recovery.


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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Options in Falmouth

Those in Falmouth are ideally located for a number of rehab centres in the local area and further afield. Every rehab centre is different and will have different therapies and treatment options which is why it’s so important to find one that suits you. This is something our team can help with.

Typically, rehab centres like Cassiobury Court will use a combination of behavioural therapy, counselling, art, creative activities, talking therapy and wellbeing advice to help you to get to the root of your addiction. The aim is to not only treat the physical addiction but to help you identify its triggers and develop new alternative behaviours.

Treatment is offered on a group and individual basis and friends and family are encouraged to get involved. At Cassiobury Court, we believe this gives you the required support and helps you learn from others.

Many people are concerned about leaving rehab, but you’ll work with specialist teams on aftercare and relapse prevention to ensure you’re resilient and strong enough to face any hurdles.


Is Private Rehab Worth It?

When choosing the right rehab centre for you, you can choose between inpatient and outpatient programmes. Inpatient rehab, sometimes known as private drug and alcohol rehab, is when individuals remain on-site for the whole duration of their treatment. Outpatient treatment allows you to return home.

Like other healthcare, private rehab costs more than non-private rehab, so you might wonder if it’s worth it. The first benefit of private rehab is that you’ll be away from distractions and familiar influences. You can focus entirely on your recovery with 24/7 guidance, support, and regular family visits.

As an inpatient, you’ll also have your own private accommodation, state-of-the-art facilities, your meals are taken care of, and a calendar of extracurricular activities to help restore your body and mind.

Your rehab choice has to be right for you, but many experts say that inpatient rehab has the best level of success and long-term recovery. Waiting lists can also be shorter and, once there, it’s believed that the facilities are of a higher standard too.

Don’t worry if you have any questions about inpatient and outpatient rehab, as our phone line is always open, and we’d love to help.


Drug Detox and Therapy

Another benefit of attending rehab is that you’ll be supported through a drug and alcohol detox – which is the safest way to remove drugs and alcohol from your body. Many people come to us having tried to detox at home, and that’s fine. It’s normal to experience challenging side effects, which, when unmonitored, can be dangerous, making an at-home alcohol and drug detox very difficult.

In rehab, though, and at Cassiobury Court, you’ll be monitored the entire way – not just to see how you’re coping mentally but physically. We can also prescribe medication to help with those common yet challenging side effects.


How Cassiobury Court Can Help

Whether you’re worried about your own behaviour or want to get a loved one some help, we’re here for you. Not only can we kickstart the admissions process if you’re ready, but we can also answer any questions and lend a helping hand to relieve some of the stress involved.

If you decide to come to our leading treatment centre, you’ll have access to evidence-based treatment, a team of friendly experts who have your best interests at heart and a safe and supportive environment which is the perfect place to embrace change for good. Addiction can take over all areas of your life – for everyone involved – but Cassiobury Court is here to show you a way out for good; contact our team today.


Frequently Asked Questions

This isn’t a simple question to answer as there’s no ‘one fits all’ approach - and so there shouldn’t be. Every person has a completely unique journey into how they developed an addiction to alcohol or drugs so it’s only realistic to expect a tailored treatment programme to be the most effective form of addiction treatment.

How much drug and alcohol rehabs cost are dependent on a few different factors such as the length of addiction treatment you choose whether you choose residential rehab or outpatient treatment, and if you choose to go private or with the NHS. At our drug and alcohol rehab Inverclyde, we have an excellent range of treatment options available at different budgets, so don’t let cost be a barrier to turning your life around once and for all.

Again, this can vary depending on the severity of your drug or alcohol addiction and which treatments you require. However, residential rehab typically takes around 28 days to complete, which is then followed by a structured aftercare plan for 12 months.

Raffa Bari

Raffa Bari - Author - Last updated: 13th September 2022

CQC Registered Manager

Raffa manages the day to day caring services here at Cassiobury Court. Dedicated to the treatment and well being of our visitors she is an outstanding mental health coach registered with BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists). Raffa has outstanding experience in managing rehabs across the country and is vastly experienced at helping people recover from drug and alcohol addictions.

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