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When looking to progress through the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process, many individuals will favour the option of remaining close to home.

Some will go as far as hoping for an outpatient rehab recommendation, where remaining in their current habitat is possible.

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For some of those individuals, favouring localised recovery, the benefits of closeness will positively impact their drug and alcohol rehab experience. Those benefits can be anything from smoother transitions, convenience and greater levels of ease.

However, for others who favour remaining close to or at home for drug and alcohol rehabilitation, that exact closeness can be too much, requiring greater physical and psychological distance.

Those individuals who do struggle will commonly experience an addiction diagnosis, where the psychological associations they have with drugs and alcohol heighten through locality.

If this sounds like your situation, you may benefit greater from a physical and psychological distance, over selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Truro. At first mention, you may hate this idea. Yet, residential rehab, set away from your current reality can benefit you in more ways than one.

Convenience is a nice to have. Yet long-term recovery probabilities fall way beyond desires, by turning goals into your future back in Truro.  Work with our team at Cassiobury Court to benefit from residential drug and alcohol rehab.

Benefitting from physical and psychological distance

Currently, there’s a high chance that your reality is fuelled by drug and alcohol abuse. This will include your relationships, your lifestyle choices, your routine, your exposure to drugs and alcohol and your choices. Down to this, currently, you may feel like it is impossible to avoid drug and alcohol exposure.

This is the exact risk of remaining local for drug and alcohol rehab. Although a residential rehab clinic can be selected in Truro itself, associations can still be heightened, making it difficult for you to provide full focus on the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process.

Physical distance will benefit you as you’ll be removed from tangible influences, such as people or places which may currently motivate substance abuse for you. Psychological distance can ensure that you’re in the right mindset to recover, while also protecting your mental health.

Naturally, you may gravitate towards selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Dorset. Yet, this may hinder your personal capabilities to fully withdraw from drugs and alcohol, and even finish rehab. For the greatest encounter of rehab, we encourage you to look beyond Truro, by accessing our specialist facility at Cassiobury Court.

Overlooking a drug and alcohol rehab in Truro by considering Cassiobury Court

As we’ve shared above, there are significant benefits you can encounter by overlooking a drug and alcohol rehab in Truro. Alongside distance, you can also encounter the value of residential rehab by considering our facility.

Residential rehab is where you’ll move from Truro for the length of your rehab programme, where you’ll reside from our friendly, positive and welcoming environment. This is where the element of distance can be sustained, as you’ll live in a controlled setting, ensuring that drug and alcohol influences are at bay.

A further valuable asset of residential rehab is that you’ll have everything under one roof to truly heal. By that we mean that you’ll have the chance to heal from addiction, but also the opportunity to improve your physical and psychological health, your quality of life, and your lifestyle, all ready for your return to Truro.

Selecting residential rehab will provide you with comprehensive exposure to professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation. By pairing this with distance, you’ll experience high-quality care, along with the safest and most effective place to recover from.

Again, you may look into residential rehab in Truro. Yet, you must remember that distance, away from your own internal battles and external influences will be limited.

Tailored plans around your needs

At Cassiobury Court, we deliver quality by providing tailored plans, around the exact needs of our clients. We avoid the lazy approach to utilising a general rehab programme, which will only treat the surface level of addiction.

We delve deeper by understanding your experiences with drugs and alcohol, along with your expectations of drug and alcohol rehab. Through gauging this information, we can then work with you to tailor a plan, focusing on addiction treatment recommendations, the delivery of rehab, and the degree of support you require.

Here’s where greater insight into whether you’ll need to detox, whether you’ll require dual diagnosis treatment, or whether you’ll need a full range of addiction treatments will be made.

Private and homely settings

The idea of residential rehab can sometimes feel cold, clinical and unnerving for some. This is why many will gravitate towards remaining close to home, looking for a rehab in Doset. However, our rehab clinic is set up for residential rehab, which requires a private, homely and comfortable setting.

You can expect exactly that at Cassiobury Court, ensuring that you feel content, ready to focus on your intentions of addiction recovery. This is very important, providing you with the headspace and greater susceptibility levels towards drug and alcohol rehab.

Aftercare back in Truro

Post-rehab, which will usually be around 28 days after your initial rehab stay, you’ll return home to Truro. This is where the true test will begin, to gauge whether rehab has provided you with the tools to prevent relapse. Please be reassured that this will be measured prior to your return, ensuring that rehab has been a worthwhile experience.

However, what cannot be controlled is your response to life post-rehab. Your actions and lifestyle will impact your future with, or without drugs and alcohol. Through reverting to your old self, a strong likelihood of ongoing substance abuse will be present. By making positive changes, drugs and alcohol will fail to fit into your new lifestyle.

To ease this test, aftercare services will be available to you through a drug and alcohol rehab in Truro. This will ensure that you can still experience exposure to professional guidance and ongoing support, known to motivate greater acceptance of sobriety.

Understandably, you may feel that distance will hinder your recovery potential. When in fact, it will likely ease and improve your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey. Select distance through our rehab clinic here at Cassiobury Court.

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