We have Treatment Centres for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Petersfield

From community hospitals to private rehabs, there are numerous drug and alcohol rehabilitation services on hand to assist you if you find yourself victim to an addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In Petersfield

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Petersfield

Although treatment is readily available for you to take advantage of in Petersfield, if you have been unable to locate a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Petersfield, you may worry that there is little help and support available to you in your local area.

While you may not have initially considered seeking treatment elsewhere, if you have been unsuccessful in securing treatment via a drug and alcohol rehab in Petersfield, at Cassiobury Court, we can provide you with drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment at our residential centre located in Watford.

We understand that attending a residential rehab may not have crossed your mind.  You may have wanted to stay close to home as you complete treatment, and you may have hoped to attend an outpatient facility.

However, it is vital that you can commence treatment as soon as you need it.  Considering this, we would ask you to contemplate referring yourself to our rehab.


Our Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment

At Cassiobury Court, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer industry-leading treatments to those that attend our residential rehab.  Unlike a drug and alcohol rehab in Petersfield, we only administer treatment that we believe will assist you as you look to make a long-term recovery and overcome your addiction once and for all.

With this in mind, it should be noted that the treatment you encounter during your time in our centre will depend on factors such as your physical health, psychological health, general well-being and the intensity of your addiction.

To offer you greater insight into the treatments available at our rehab, we have listed many of our commonly administered treatments below.

  • – Medically induced detoxification
  • – Rehabilitation
  • – Psychological therapy
  • – Well-being therapy
  • – Aftercare support
  • – Relapse prevention


In addition, during your time in our rehab, you will be encouraged to participate in group activities, such as daily walks, exercise, games nights and film nights.

Although you may not think doing so will help you as you embark on your journey to a substance-free life, taking part in social activities and socialising with other individuals who are also progressing through treatment will offer you the chance to relax after a day of treatment.


We Have Treatment For Mental Health Disorders

In the United Kingdom, it is estimated that one in four people will experience a mental health disorder each year.  Sadly, mental health disorders come hand-in-hand with drug and alcohol addictions.

If, like many others, you have turned to drugs or alcohol to alleviate the side effects of a mental health disorder, you will likely require dual diagnosis treatment.  Likewise, if your mental health has become significantly impaired at the height of your addiction, dual diagnosis treatment will benefit you greatly.

To ensure that you can overcome your addiction and alleviate a mental health disorder, we will provide you with dual diagnosis treatment.

Dual diagnosis treatment has proven to be highly beneficial and will contribute to your ability to make a long-term recovery.

Treatment for mental health disorders will typically be incorporated into your drug and alcohol rehabilitation.  Here, therapy will help you uncover what has caused your addiction and mental health disorder to arise.  In doing so, you will be able to determine how you can cope with any triggers going forward.

If required, at Cassiobury Court, we can prescribe medication for mental health disorders.  Before administering medication, our team of psychologists will discuss your treatment options with you.


Commencing A Treatment Programme At Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Should you decide to attend our residential rehab instead of a drug and alcohol rehab in Petersfield, we will usually invite you to commence a treatment programme at our centre within a relatively short period.

Although this can be alarming, please bear in mind that treatment must be sought as soon as possible when an addiction is present.  Failure to commence treatment as and when it is needed will cause your addiction to become significantly worse.

As you enter our centre, you will first be required to complete an admissions assessment with a Consultant Psychiatrist or Specialist Doctor.  This assessment will see you talk about your health, your addiction and your recovery goals.

Upon completing your assessment, your personalised treatment programme will be created. Following this, a member of our recovery team will discuss your programme with you to ensure that you are happy with the treatment recommended.

If you are happy to commence treatment, a medically induced detoxification will be initiated.  This will see you prescribed medication that will essentially enable your body and brain to withdraw from the substances that you have become addicted to.

During detoxification, it is normal for you to experience some withdrawal symptoms, but please rest assured knowing that our recovery team will be with you every step of the way.

As you progress through detoxification, you will begin rehabilitation.  Rehabilitation will see you undergo various types of therapies, all of which will enable you to regain control of your life.


Returning Home After Rehab Treatment

Returning home after rehabilitation treatment can be daunting, especially after attending a residential rehab.

To ensure that you are prepared to return home, we will provide you with a recovery action plan and 12-months of free aftercare support.

The aftercare support we offer will enable you to take advantage of a wealth of guidance as you return to your everyday life.  Aftercare support will also see you attend weekly therapy sessions to ensure that you continue to make progress in your recovery.


Contact Us Today to Secure Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

If you are ready to overcome your addiction but have struggled to find a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Petersfield, we welcome you to contact us today.

You can call us on 01923 369 161, or you can email info@cassioburycourt.com.




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