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Are you hoping to combat your drug and alcohol addiction? Have you reached a point where enough is enough, where drug and alcohol rehabilitation are necessary? This is a positive place to be, although many negatives may have unfortunately been experienced this far, associated with addiction and mental health issues.  

Through this positive step, you will have the chance to overcome those negatives, to experience the value of rehab as a lifeline. You’ll have the chance to leave those negatives in the past, while you work to rebuild your future, without drugs and alcohol in sight.  

If you’re hoping for long-term recovery, if you’re aiming for an efficient rehab process, visiting a private drug and alcohol rehab will be your next best step. Likewise, considering your options beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in Bolton will be recommended, helping you progress through a distraction free and focused rehab programme.  

Here at Cassiobury Court, we can offer a residential rehab programme which fits around your personal needs. We can guide you towards sustainable recovery, to an efficient and productive rehabilitation journey. Reach out today for more information on your options through rehab.  


Why select a private drug and alcohol rehab?  

When considering recovery efforts, you may naturally gravitate towards the NHS. This is understandable here in the UK. However, if you are aiming for both an efficient recovery journey and the chance to fully rehabilitate, investing greater into rehab is recommended.  

Here at Cassiobury Court, we appreciate how costly private rehab programmes can seem. There are many preconceived ideas when considering the accessibility of private rehab stays. However, down to our passion to support all individuals in need, we can work to a number of different budgets. 

Through our private offering, there are many benefits to experience. Firstly, deviating significantly from what the NHS can offer, we provide immediate, consistent and high-quality addiction treatment. We understand how a structure is required; how personal guidance is necessary, how consistent addiction treatment is mandatory to promote recovery. Unfortunately, through lower quality rehab programmes, this level of urgency will not be experienced.  

Secondly, private rehab centres, like ours, can offer personalised, one on one care. We understand how different response rates to both initial addictive behaviours and treatment options can be. With this in mind, visiting a private drug and alcohol rehab will offer a tailor-made, effective and progressive treatment programme, making long-term recovery possible.  

Finally, it’s important to remember that what you invest into rehab is the value that you will receive in return. To combat a physical and psychological illness, great effort must be invested. Through commitment, through prioritising your health, safety and recovery opportunities, you will benefit from successful drug and alcohol withdrawal and maintenance.  

To benefit from this level of care, to improve your immediate chance to recover, reach out to our team today.  


Cocaine rehab in Bolton

If you suffer from cocaine addiction, it is important that you seek addiction treatment at a reputable cocaine rehab centre near Bolton. At Cassiobury Court we offer treatment for cocaine abuse, and can also provide dual diagnosis treatment if you suffer from mental health problems such as anxiety or depression.

Signs you need cocaine rehab includes:

  • Strong cravings for cocaine
  • Repeatedly using cocaine despite negative consequences
  • Using cocaine in inappropriate situations or environments
  • Personality changes
  • Increased anxiety and mood swings
  • Feeling like you cannot stop or quit cocaine use

If you or a loved one is showing symptoms such as the above, it is important to seek cocaine rehab treatment. Rehab for cocaine abuse involves a withdrawal phase and prescription medications to help with anxiety or insomnia, followed by rehabilitation treatments.

Therapy for cocaine addiction will help you understand your addiction better and increases the likelihood of long term addiction recovery.


Cannabis rehab in Bolton

Similar to other substance addictions, cannabis can cause a huge disruption in people’s lives and requires rehab treatment to overcome. We offer a cannabis rehab programme at Cassiobury Court to help people in Bolton recover from cannabis addiction.

An important phase of rehab treatment is detox, which lasts for around 5-10 days. This will help your body adjust without cannabis and start your recovery journey.

Our cannabis rehab programme involves a variety of therapy treatments, including cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy, relapse prevention planning and holistic therapies. Once these have been completed, you will receive one year of aftercare sessions to help you maintain addiction recovery.


Prescription drug rehab in Bolton

If you or a loved one is showing signs of prescription drug addiction and seeking treatment in Bolton, we can help at Cassiobury Court. Our prescription drug rehab involves a medically assisted detox programme, followed by an intensive rehabilitation phase.

Prescription drug addiction is a lot more common than many think, and is often associated with other addictions such as alcohol or cocaine. Prescription drugs such as painkillers, cough medicines and sleeping pills can become very addictive if used for a long time or in large quantities.

Our prescription drug rehab programme will provide you with all of the treatments you need to get better and remain sober for life. Talking therapies and 24/7 medical assistance will help you understand your addiction and feel supported throughout the process.

Our aftercare plan also helps you to stay on track and maintain your recovery in Bolton. For any queries about our prescription drug rehab programme, call us today on 01923 369 161.


Alcohol rehab treatment in Bolton

Alcohol addiction can be very difficult to overcome alone, and withdrawal symptoms can be extremely dangerous if not managed correctly. Our alcohol rehab programme provides you with all of the support and medical expertise required to overcome alcohol abuse for good.

Our alcohol detox programme typically lasts 5-10 days and offers you around-the-clock support and medical assistance needed. Common withdrawal symptoms include insomnia, nausea, headaches, sickness, anxiety and depression.

Prescription medications are provided to help you manage alcohol withdrawal. Once your detox is completed, the next step of alcohol rehab is addiction therapy treatments, such as CBT, group therapy, meditation and individual counselling sessions.

By completing detox and rehabilitation treatment, you will leave our alcohol rehab centre sober and ready to maintain recovery in Bolton.


Looking beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in Bolton  

A further factor which can control your recovery likelihood is your rehab selection. For convenience and comfort, localised recovery attempts will usually be selected. However, similarly to publicly funded rehab programmesdisruptions, delays and downfalls are associated with visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Bolton.  

If you are personally suffering with a physical and psychological addiction, it is important that you have the focus, the concentration, the time and the space to truly work on yourself. By opting for residential rehab, this will be achievable, along with benefiting from an optimal level of care and treatment, required to suppress addictive tendencies.  

To gauge whether localised recovery can work for you, consider your current residing environment, your triggers, your lifestyle choices and your ability to control your cravings. If you live in a drug-free area, have the ability to control all cravings, and associate with positive and supportive individuals, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Bolton may be doable. However, if you’re surrounded by addictive influences, if you’re finding it hard to control cravings, if you’re lacking support, residential rehab will motivate greater recovery results.  


The importance of physical and psychological recovery efforts  

When looking to recover from an addiction, both physical and psychological recovery efforts are required. Since drug and alcohol addictions are diagnosed as brain illnesses, it is imperative that mental health support, cognitive realignment and brain restoration are accessible. In tandem, detoxification is an important step of the rehab process, helping the body cope without drugs and alcohol.  

Without completing both streams of addiction treatment, there is a likelihood that future relapse risks can occur. This will be down to incomplete recovery efforts, where triggers or cravings will continue to develop. With this in mind, completing a comprehensive rehab programme is required if you are aiming for long-term recovery.  

Through our rehab centre, you will complete both physical and psychological forms of addiction treatment. A drug and alcohol detox programme, therapy, support groups, relapse prevention, wellbeing sessions and cognitive behavioural therapy will be encouraged. Through this combined effort, you’ll likely reduce your association to drugs and alcohol, helping you cope for the future.  


Complete a personalised rehab programme here at Cassiobury Court 

Personalisation is very important when looking to treat any form of illness. Reactions will differ, susceptibility ratings will differ, personal needs will differ. With this in mind, investing yourself into a high-quality rehab programme will be recommended, down to the potential of personalisation.  

Through our assessment processes, we ensure that you can receive the correct form and level of addiction treatment. We also combine the most fitting and safe treatment options to motivate efficient recovery.  

This approach will be followed throughout rehab and will continue to play a part in your long-term recovery efforts. Through a relapse prevention plan and aftercare services via a drug and alcohol rehab in Bolton, you will benefit from ongoing personalised and fitting treatment services.  

To combat your drug and alcohol addiction, head on, through effective and proactive recovery steps, reach out to our team. We can help you change your life around; we can help you outgrow your current addictive behaviours through an invaluable time of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Select our specialist rehab centre if you’re hoping for sustainable and invaluable recovery.  

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