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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Ormskirk

Are you looking for help in recovering from drug and alcohol addiction? Are you hoping for treatment that will help you to stay local to the Ormskirk area? Or are you looking for help for someone you’re worried about? If so, Cassiobury Court can help you to find drug and alcohol rehab in the local area with effective, suitable treatment programmes available to commence immediately.

With a 28-day commitment to our residential rehab facilities, we’ll be able to analyse the root cause of your illness, perform a detox and introduce you to life changing therapy that will build a bridge to your recovery.

Please call us today on 0800 001 4070 or text HELP to 83222 and we can begin this journey together. We know this will be one of the hardest calls you’ll ever need to make, but it’s also one of the most important. Please don’t delay – the sooner you get in touch with us, the sooner we can get started with your rehab.


How your rehab treatment programme will work

Expectations of rehab will vary from one person to another but the crux of the matter is that you will get out of rehab what you put into it. There’s no cure for drug or alcohol addiction. The only way to overcome this illness is hard work from you and targeted, consistent treatment. We will need you to be passionate, patient and extremely committed to overcome your addiction. And if you are, Cassiobury Court is here to help you recover.

Someone who has successfully immersed themselves in rehab often finds they have formed life changing skills that suppress the urge to abuse drugs or alcohol. Their mind and body has been healed and their mindset has been changed, they have been provided with a more positive outlook.

There are a number of different types of rehab to help you combat drug or alcohol addiction. Outpatient facilities are available on the NHS but there is a long waiting list and in the meantime your addiction can worsen.

With us, there’s no waiting list and after an initial consultation we’ll be able to admit you immediately and we treat all of our clients as individuals. We’ll therefore be able to draw up the best plan of treatment for you. Our costs are reasonable and are inclusive of all elements of your treatment.

Residential rehab has the best results for overcoming drug and alcohol addiction and is mostly the best form of treatment for those who are suffering with a chronic addiction.


How severe is your drug and alcohol addiction?

When searching for drug or alcohol rehab near you in Ormskirk, it’s important that you prioritise your personal needs. You also need to consider your health and safety and your long-term recovery goals. These are all important aspects of trying to overcome your addiction and should influence which kind of treatment you choose.

The most important consideration is the severity of your drug and alcohol addiction. Are you able to control your cravings? Are you living in a safe, substance free environment? Are most of the side effects of your drug or alcohol addiction physical? If this matches your experience, then an outpatient treatment programme may help you.

However, if your condition is more severe and you lack control and stability in your life then you will likely find far greater benefit from residential rehab. It’s vital that you are honest in your initial assessment as we can form a view of what will be the best treatment option for your drug and alcohol rehab in Ormskirk.


Your treatment options

We can guarantee that your treatment programme will be highly individualised. When we welcome you to one of our modern rehab clinics, we will perform a detailed physical and psychological examination where we’ll look to deep dive on the root cause of your illness and your triggers. Our sympathetic, understanding therapists will look to establish everything about you and how best to treat you.

You’ll then begin a period of detox. This will free your body of the toxins caused by drug or alcohol abuse. This is an uncomfortable, unpleasant experience as your body and mind will crave substances. This will display itself through a series of withdrawal symptoms. This will be difficult and our medical staff will be on hand to issue you with prescribed medication to help you get through this.

Once your detox has been completed, we’ll be able to move onto other aspects of your treatment programme. Psychological treatments include cognitive behavioural therapy and group therapy. We also combine these treatments with holistic therapies such as exercise and yoga. Group therapy is not mandatory but is helpful in providing different outlooks on drug and alcohol addiction and in sharing of coping mechanisms.

Secondary Care

Many of our clients do better in our residential rehab than they expect by committing to the full process. This is usually 28 days, but if your condition is severe we may request more time with you. However, when you leave Cassiobury Court’s care you’re at the most risk of faltering. Statistically, a recovered addict is at the most risk of suffering from a relapse in the first 12 months post rehab.

So we will sit down with you before you leave and create a comprehensive aftercare plan to ensure you are prepared for the return to your new start in Ormskirk. We’ll advise you on how to avoid bad influences (both places and people) and give you information on how to join local group therapy sessions in order for you to keep sharing your experiences. There’s a 24-hour helpline available for whenever you need advice or help.

We understand that making the first call is difficult – there’s still a stigma surrounding asking for help even though that shouldn’t be the case. But we won’t judge you, and many of our team are themselves recovering addicts. They understand the pain that drug and alcohol addiction can cause and are ready to help you.

We just need you to make that call – it’s the hardest step but it will set you on the way to a new life. Please reach out to us on 0800 001 4070 or text HELP to 83222 and we can kickstart your journey.

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