We have treatment centres for drug and alcohol rehab in Lancaster

Are you thinking about reducing your drug and alcohol consumption? Are you considering the idea of leading a sober future?

If so, you are in the right place, by visiting our website here at Cassiobury Court. Offering invaluable addiction and mental health recovery programmes via our residential rehab centre, we provide the opportunity to rehabilitate in a safe and secure environment.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In Lancaster

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Lancaster

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Lancaster

Although visiting a rehab in Lancaster for drug addiction treatment may seem the most convenient option, we understand how the easiest option isn’t always the most suitable or practical approach to rehabilitation.

We also appreciate how alcohol and drug addiction can impact all individuals differently, from the side effects they experience, to mental health disorders and the degree of addiction treatment they require to withdraw and recover.

Through our understanding, through our specialist approach to addiction recovery, through our passion to offer private rehab programmes to all, we can help you turn your thoughts into your reality.

Looking for drug and alcohol rehabs will be a new experience for many people and the choice can be overwhelming. Here at Cassiobury Court and through our nationwide rehabs, we can provide you with a comprehensive addiction treatment programme.

We can run through the admission process, along with inpatient treatment options and aftercare services. Alternatively, see our below breakdown, showcasing the benefits of looking beyond a drug and alcohol rehab in Lancaster.


How ready are you to rehabilitate?

It is important to understand if you are ready to visit an alcohol and drug rehab. If you attend rehab against your will, the chances of making a full recovery will be smaller.

Overcoming a drug addiction is about taking small steps. Identifying you need treatment and actually seeking addiction treatment is the 1st step to take.

Step by step, we can guide you through the rehab process from admission, where you begin your treatment, to aftercare, when you leave rehab after completing a tailored programme.

Reaching the milestone of long-term recovery is highly rewarding. It is a transformational process, helping you improve your quality of life away from drugs or alcohol.

Yet, to progress towards this milestone, challenges and obstacles occurring from your substance abuse will be encountered. Withdrawal symptoms can be very strong and you will need to find the will to see the process through.

You must be fully ready and committed to overcoming your psychological and physical addiction, otherwise, you may not progress in the long term.

We will help you through a medically assisted detox and everything will be in place at our rehab facilities to assist you through each step. But it is difficult to treat substance disorders if there is no will on behalf of the participant.

If you are ready to attend inpatient residential rehab and are looking to either visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Lancaster, or our residential rehab, we can help you.

Start today by:

  • Acknowledging your problems with drugs and alcohol
  • Opening up to loved ones or professionals
  • Familiarising yourself with the rehab process
  • Committing to the long-term idea of sobriety
  • Selecting the most appropriate drug and alcohol treatment centre
  • Working through all recommended steps


Recovering via a drug and alcohol rehab in Lancaster

Naturally, your first action may be to find a drug and alcohol rehab in Lancaster to recover from. This can in fact be an effective step to take when looking to withdraw from drugs and alcohol. However, it is important to note that localised recovery will only benefit a proportion of individuals.

Localised recovery is favoured for its convenience, comfort and ease. It provides many individuals the ability to continue their life in Lancaster, while completing a range of addiction treatments.

However, getting treatment on your doorstep will not remove any social, environmental or emotional triggers. These triggers can be the root cause of your addiction.

Depending on your personal circumstances and addiction history, selecting a Lancaster based treatment centre can either aid or deter your long-term recovery prospects. If you have an unhappy family life and drink as a way to escape, or maybe you have a group of friends who regularly take drugs.

Escaping these environmental factors can be a huge positive when you are seeking to cut your physical dependence on a specific drug or alcohol.

If you need to get away from all these factors, in your normal day-to-day life, inpatient residential rehab will provide the necessary seclusion whilst you concentrate solely on yourself.

By staying in a residential rehab, you can reduce the chances of relapse whilst you are trying to quit drugs or alcohol, as you will not have access to them.


Person Centred Treatment

As outlined above, residential rehab will increase recovery probabilities for addicts. This is the exact service we offer from our Watford-based treatment centre, providing distance, privacy and professionalism.

Via our rehab centre, clients will be provided with a personalised treatment programme to complete.

All of your time in rehab will be spent exclusively within our facility, intense and consistent sessions will be required to aid your recovery. From detox programmes and therapy sessions, to cognitive behavioural, one on one therapy and relapse prevention planning, a range of options will be available in our holistic recovery process.

We have a range of therapy programmes and also look to treat any dual diagnosis. This is where existing mental health conditions are treated in conjunction with your addiction.

Many people develop mental health problems over the course of an addiction. You may be taking existing psychiatric medication or be totally unaware you need psychological treatment for an undiagnosed condition.

Our team will identify any dual diagnosis in our psychiatric evaluation, a specialised treatment plans will be created aimed at treating dual diagnosis, your physical health and the drug addiction.

In addition to our leading addiction treatment options, you will be welcomed with a positive and recovery driven environment, friendly and compassionate support networks, wellness plans, 24/7 care and a comprehensive rehab journey to progress through.

By combining the key features of residential rehab, with a significant focus on the time and space you are provided with, recovery rates are known to advance, while strengthening future opportunities of sobriety.

Emergency Help in Lancaster

If you or a family member needs urgent help for a drug overdose or a serious drug-related mental health episode we would urge you to contact the local hospital for emergency help. You can contact the local hospital at the below address:

Royal Lancaster Infirmary
Ashton Road

Switchboard: 01524 65944


Aftercare in Lancaster

To ensure that you can benefit from our rehab programmes, while prolonging recovery, aftercare services are available post-rehab. Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Lancaster, or even in nearby areas like Preston, you will have the ability to fit in regular support groups, AA meetings and community assistance.

These aftercare services are very important to continue your motivation, your focus and your commitment to sober living. In addition, you will activate your relapse prevention plan, follow self-help tips and lead a positive lifestyle, all helping to keep you on a strong path towards long-term recovery.

Experience the benefits of completing a residential rehab programme here at Cassiobury Court, followed by ongoing care via a drug and alcohol rehab in Lancaster. If you’re considering the idea of sober living, if you’re ready to rehabilitate, reach out today.

To stay in one of our rehab clinics for a week starts at £3500. Prices are dependant on which of our centres you stay in and duration.

A medically assisted detox is where clients receive medication to help them through the worst withdrawal symptoms they may experience. Some of our clients handle withdrawal without medication but in serious cases, people often need medication to help them through this period.

Yes, we have rehabs all over the country, including Cassiobury Court. Our closest rehab to Lancaster is based in Blackpool,

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