We have treatment centres for drug and alcohol rehab in Preston

To ensure that you benefit from visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Preston or the surrounding area, it is important that you prepare. Familiarising yourself with the rehab process, selecting a fitting treatment centre to recover from, and opening up to loved ones are a few steps you can take.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Preston
Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Preston

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Preston

      Are you pondering on the idea of visiting localised drug and alcohol treatment centres? Are you hoping to change your life around, for the better, by withdrawing from drugs and alcohol?  

      If this is your current mindset, we firstly want to praise you for coming this far. Acknowledging a problem with addictive substances, committing to change, overcoming the fixation of addiction can be very challenging, and you’re not alone, in fact, it was reported that ‘the number of adults entering treatment in 2020 to 2021 was 130,490′.

      With this in mind, you’re already steps ahead into your drug and alcohol rehabilitation journey.  

      However, to ensure that you do benefit from visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Preston or the surrounding area, it is important that you prepare further. Familiarising yourself with the rehab process, selecting a fitting treatment centre to recover from, and opening up to loved ones are a few steps you can take.  

      Through pre-rehab preparations, you will know what to expect from the next few weeks and months ahead. You will feel comfortable and confident in your ability to complete addiction treatment. You’ll strengthen both your mindset and support network, helping to improve your rehab experience.  

      We can help you take this step, progress through your own rehab programme, and sustain sober living here at Cassiobury Court. Reach out today to take the first step towards turning your life around.  


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      How to prepare for drug and alcohol rehabilitation  

      Welcoming professional support is a positive sign. This indicates your desire to withdraw physically and psychologically from drugs and alcohol. However, to ensure that visiting a drug and alcohol rehab centre is a worthwhile and valuable experience, completing pre-rehab preparations are recommended.  

      Preparing for drug and alcohol rehabilitation is important as it is likely a new experience for you. There are many myths and misconceptions painted of rehab. Gaining an idea of its value, yourself, will be encouraged, promoting its purpose as a lifeline. Through this outlook, you will likely embrace each rehabilitation step greater, you’ll likely increase your susceptibility to addiction treatment, and you’ll likely strengthen your prospects of long-term recovery.  

      Start today by fully acknowledging your drug and alcohol addiction, its problems and the changes you hope to make. Once you feel comfortable, sharing these with loved ones, support groups or our professional counsellors will alleviate initial pressure. Selecting a fitting rehab centre is also recommended, ensuring that your rehab experience is suitable for your personal needs.  

      Through these preparations, a progressive and proactive rehab experience is likely, helping you make those changes to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction.  


      Cocaine Rehab

      Entering a cocaine rehab programme is a transformative step., which makes for a personalised treatment plan based on our initial assessment of your addiction.

      If necessary, and if there are other addictions present, you will undergo a medically supervised detox to manage withdrawal symptoms safely.

      However, since cocaine addiction is behavioural, a  therapeutic approach, like cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), will help you identify triggers and develop coping strategies.

      You’ll also learn about the long-term effects of cocaine use and explore holistic methods for well-being. After rehab, support continues with aftercare to maintain your sobriety.


      Cannabis Rehab

      Cannabis rehab is designed to help you regain control over your life, as even a generally ‘accepted’ form of drug like cannabis can spiral into addiction and reliance.

      Upon admission, an assessment creates a tailored treatment plan. While cannabis withdrawal symptoms are typically milder, you may experience mood swings and sleep disturbances during detox.

      Therapy, including CBT and motivational enhancement therapy, is central to rehab. Education about the effects of long-term cannabis use is provided throughout to carry you into life post-rehab.

      After rehab, aftercare programmes, such as support groups and individual counselling, play a key role in preventing relapse.


      Prescription Drug Rehab

      Prescription drug addiction is a serious concern, one that can be completely accidental and can spiral into something more sinister.

      In prescription drug rehab, an initial assessment shapes your treatment plan, and a medically supervised detox is typically the first step.

      Therapy addresses the psychological aspects of addiction once we have addressed physical withdrawal, then you will be education about the risks of prescription drug misuse and how to combat mental health issues that may arise.

      After rehab, aftercare programs like support groups and individual counselling are crucial for sustaining recovery.


      Alcohol Rehab

      Alcohol addiction can have profound consequences, which is why it is important to seek help sooner rather than later.

      Within an alcohol rehab centre, a pre-admission assessment guides your treatment plan.

      Medically supervised detox is normally required due to severe withdrawal symptoms. Then, you will go through a range of therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and a range of group therapies.

      Once you complete your stay, you will have access to aftercare programmes, including support groups and individual counselling, which are vital for maintaining your sobriety and preventing relapse.

      The journey may be challenging, but with the right support, you can achieve a life free from alcohol dependence.


      Recovering from a drug and alcohol rehab in Preston  

      As mentioned above, finding a fitting treatment centre to recover from is very important. There are now a wide range of treatment facilities and rehab programmes, accessible, dotted across the UK. Differing in cost, in effectiveness and in success rates, it is important that you opt for the most proactive programme, rather than the most convenient or flexible.  

      With this in mind, if you’re initially hoping to recover from a drug and alcohol rehab in Preston, we encourage you to complete further research before investing. There are opportunities to recover locally, which can promote recovery for a proportion of users. However, through familiarity, localised pressure and the inability to control physical and psychological cravings, outpatient or unstructured programmes will usually fall short.  

      For your best opportunity to change your life around, by tackling every area of your addiction, completing a residential rehab programme will be advised. Here at Cassiobury Court, although set away in Watford, we can offer everything you need to recover, under one roof.  

      From physical and psychological recovery efforts, to optimal environments, professional and medical support, and lifestyle coaching, we can help you sustain long-term recovery. Through committing to a time of change, to a new rehab programme, you will have the tools to fulfil a future without drugs and alcohol.  


      Physical and psychological recovery efforts  

      One of the greatest benefits of looking beyond an outpatient programme via a drug and alcohol rehab in Preston is the physical and psychological recovery efforts you will experience. In order to diminish an addiction, a holistic, a personal programme must be followed.  

      By residing from our specialised facility, you will have access to this depth of treatment programme, enabling full recovery opportunities. A personalised treatment programme will be provided, catered around your personal needs. Detox programmes, therapy sessions, motivational workshops, wellbeing techniques, relapse prevention plans, cognitive behavioural therapy, and lifestyle coaching are a few addiction treatments, available to you.  

      The aim of this approach is to ensure that all physical associations are diminished, while also improving brain health; both known to contribute to a greater chance of sobriety.  


      alcohol rehab preston


      Sustainable long-term recovery aims  

      Unfortunately, no matter where you recover from, or the form of addiction treatment you complete, a cure for an addiction doesn’t exist. New habits, outlooks and lifestyle choices must be accepted in order to sustain long-term recovery.

      Through our rehab programmes, we ensure that all tools are provided to enhance your ability to maintain sober living. Although challenges and cravings can occur, you will be prepared to return to Preston or local areas like Poulton-le-Fylde, ready for independent recovery.

      Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Preston, you will also have access to associated aftercare services, so you can continue your efforts post-residential rehab.


      Alcoholics Anonymous & Narcotics Anonymous Preston

      Below, find some local Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous meetings in Preston. These are physical meetings and are just a handful of the many available in Preston; for more in-house meeting options and online meetings that are running, head over to the websites below and use the location search for those in your area.

      Alcoholics Anonymous Preston

      Preston St Wilfrids

      When: Thursdays, 14:00

      Where: St Wilfrids Church Parish Rooms, Chapel St, PR1 8BU

      Preston Ashton

      When: Tuesdays, 19:30

      Where: Ashton Methodist Church, Wellington Rd, Ashton, PR2 1BU

      Preston Recovery

      When: Mondays, 20:30

      Where: Ashton Methodist Church, Wellington Rd, PR2 1BU

      Narcotics Anonymous Preston

      Sunday Night Preston Meeting

      When: Sundays, 19:30

      Where: Plungington Community Centre, Brook Street, Preston, PR1 7NB

      Stick With the Winners

      When: Tuesdays, 19:30

      Where: Main Hall, The Intact Centre, 49 Whitby Avenue Ingol, Preston, PR2 3YP

      Preston JFT Group

      When: Thursdays, 19:30

      Where: St Matthew’s Mission, Acregate Lane, Preston, PR1 5QQ


      Pros and Cons of Private Rehab

      • Intense level addiction treatment
      • Ability to make full recovery upon discharge
      • Aftercare Programmes
      • luxury facilities
      • Can be less affordable
      • You may need to travel to a facility
      • Time taken off work
      • Time away from family

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      Local GPs for Addiction in Preston

      Parkview Surgery

      Address: 23 Ribblesdale Pl, Preston PR1 3NA

      Fishergate Hill Surgery

      Address: 50 Fishergate Hill, Preston PR1 8DN

      The New Hall Lane Practice

      Address: Geoffrey St Health Centre, The, Geoffrey St, Preston PR1 5NE

      Briar Wood Medical Centre

      Address: 514 Blackpool Road, Ashton, Preston, PR2 1HY


      Reach out today for more information 

      Understandably, this can be a lot of information to digest. If rehab is a new prospect for you, it can feel like unfamiliar territory. However, please be reassured that rehab is the most effective process to complete if you are truly hoping to disconnect from drugs and alcohol.  

      By completing some initial research, by preparing and by reaching out for our support, you’ll soon feel ready to embark on a transformational and life-changing journey. Reach out today to start this process, all personalised and catered around your needs.  

      Find out today how residential rehab can benefit your initial recovery efforts, soon followed by aftercare services from a drug and alcohol rehab in Preston.  

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