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Anybody that has been affected by addiction will know how truly devastating this illness can be. Although there are fewer physical symptoms for family members and loved ones, the psychological trauma they undergo can be equally damaging. Nothing hurts more than watching a person you care about disintegrate almost completely under the influence of harmful, dangerous substances.

With this in mind, our Cassiobury Court drug and alcohol rehab centre in Eastleighaims to provide both addicts and their close ones with a supportive, open space to recover from addiction. Addiction is a serious illness which needs proper care and management to overcome. Unfortunately, many people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction don’t receive the medical attention they need. If their case worsens, addiction can even be fatal.

In this article, we’re going to look at some of the most significant effects that alcohol addiction can have on your mental health. We’ll look at how it affects more than just the user, and whether or not there are cures for alcoholism. The first step to overcoming your addiction is to pick up the phone and call our friendly team today on 0800 001 4070.


The Effects That Alcoholism Can Have on Your Mental Health

If there’s one thing you must understand about addiction it’s that it is a serious mental illness. The overwhelming, powerful urges to reach for an alcoholic drink all come from the brain. Under the grips of addiction, the chemical balance of your brain is significantly affected.

Your brain understands the ‘reward system’ and if something makes your body feel good, it will crave more and more of it. But your brain also develops a tolerance to alcohol – the same as your other major organs. When certain levels of alcohol don’t have the same effect, the urges to consume more and more will become impossible to ignore.

Alcoholism is the most severe case of alcohol abuse. People suffering from alcoholism will rarely go a day without drinking. Even worse, they’ll rarely be able to settle for ‘one or two drinks’. A small glass of wine with dinner can quickly turn in to multiple bottles.

Alcohol Abuse and Your Mental Health

But everything we’ve discussed so far, believe it or not, is focusing on the effect of alcohol on your major organs – even when we’re talking about your brain. The truth is that alcohol addiction has a serious and potentially long-lasting effect on your mental health as well.

There have been many studies attempting to establish a link between mental health issues and alcohol abuse. Some studies point towards one being the cause of the other: others suggest the opposite. Alcohol addiction is a complex disease, and there is believed to be no one defining reason that a person can become addicted.

For those that are addicted, pre-existing mental health conditions will only worsen. The initial feelings of relaxation and confidence addicts enjoy after one or two drinks will quickly become negative and dark feelings.

Alcoholics will often complain of anxiety and depression. These are two of the most common mental health problems that alcohol addicts will suffer from. Stress is another common issue and without alcohol in their system, alcohols can go to very dark places. Many addicts, waking up after a heavy session, will suffer from panic attacks and suicidal thoughts. Their irritability and low moods can also have an effect on relationships with family members and colleagues.

Alcohol addiction can have a grave effect on your mental health. It’s important that you know what alcohol can do to your mental wellbeing. That way, you’ll be aware of the warning signs.


Are There Cures for Alcohol Addiction?

So how do you cure the effects of alcohol on your mental health? You might be drinking to smother the feelings of stress. You might end up having a heavy session in an attempt to forget about anxious, nervy feelings. If alcohol is the answer to your mental health, then how do you solve the mental health issues caused by alcohol?

At Cassiobury Court, we teach you that alcohol isn’t the answer to any of your problems. Expert therapists at our drug and alcohol rehab centre in Eastleigh will show you how detrimental alcohol can be.

They’ll teach you to look for triggers which would normally make you reach for a drink. After attending our private rehab centres, patients leave with a deeper understanding about their addiction. Not only that, they leave with new mechanisms and techniques to cope with any of the triggers which would have pushed them towards a drink in the past.

Going ‘cold turkey’ alone can be fatal. That’s how serious alcohol addiction can be. Once you’ve undergone the detox phase under the supervision of our medical team, your time at our rehab centres will be spent exploring any underlying mental health issues. You’ll learn about them, about how to combat them, and how to deal with life’s daily conundrums in a healthy, positive way.


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Addiction can take everything from you. As well as putting your body at risk, you might also be seriously affecting your mental health and happiness. Extremely low feelings lead some addicts to suicide. Irritability and short tempers damage relationships with people who are trying to help you the most. If you haven’t already isolated family members and friends, they’ll find it even more difficult to support you.

Don’t leave the effects of addiction to chance: get in touch with our team today. Our drug and alcohol rehab centre is local to people in the Eastleigh area. When you take the brave decision to contact us, we’ll discuss your symptoms, emotions and concerns in a fully confidential environment. We care about your recovery, and we know how difficult it can be taking those first steps.

Call our team on 0800 001 4070. If you’d rather we get in touch with you, then please text HELP to 83222. Professional help is as close as it could possibly be. And your return to a healthy, balanced life could be even closer than that with our support.

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