We have treatment centres for drug and alcohol rehab in Newmarket

Have you been battling a drug or alcohol addiction?  Have you recently decided that enough is enough?  Are you now searching for a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Newmarket?

Why not take advantage of our private residential rehab? In England alone, drug and alcohol addictions consume the lives of hundreds of thousands of people each year.  However, not everyone suffering will seek treatment.

This, unfortunately, sees an increase in the number of people losing their lives to their addiction.

As and when you are ready, our rehabilitation programme can help you overcome your addiction and turn your life around.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In Newmarket

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Newmarket

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Newmarket

If you are looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Newmarket, Cassiobury Court is located near the area and can provide a complete drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme.

Our rehab clinic provides a range of addiction treatment services, including medically assisted detox and a wide range of therapies, including cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectical behavioural therapy.

Alternatively, you can find out what free drug addiction services are available locally. You can visit your GP to enquire on local programmes that assist in the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse. These services are generally delivered as an outpatient and can vary from area to area.

What Does Rehabilitation Include?

If you are looking for a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Newmarket, you have different routes you can take to treatment.

You can either stay in a drug and alcohol rehab as an inpatient for a period of time or access community treatment through NHS services.

Alcohol Rehab Process

All drug and alcohol rehabilitation programmes involve a detoxification period, here you stop taking drugs or drinking alcohol. This period is commonly known as “Cold Turkey” and it is here where clients can face physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms.

These symptoms can vary; people undertaking alcohol withdrawal may experience a range of symptoms from shaking, depression, anxiety and sickness. Physical withdrawal from alcohol can often bring some dangerous symptoms and for this reason, everybody in alcohol detox will be under 24-hour supervision by our trained medical staff.

It is the 1st stage of the alcohol rehabilitation process, and beyond this, you will move into a tailored therapy programme, developing you coping strategies for the future and resistance to alcohol.

Drug Rehab Process

Drug rehab also starts with a detox period. After years of substance abuse, some people can have severe mental health issues alongside their addiction.

Not every client is the same, we have people who have recently become addicted to prescription drugs and people who have been using cocaine for many years.

Depending on which drug you have become addicted to the withdrawal symptoms can vary from person to person along with any other health complications.

We have a full medical team here at Cassiobury who will look after you at every stage of your recovery journey. You will undertake your detox under full medical supervision and we will also identify any dual diagnosis.

Dual diagnosis is where you have a mental health condition alongside an addiction. We provide dual diagnosis treatment in our rehabilitation facility as we look to effectively treat your addiction and the causes of it.

Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab Newmarket

In a private residential rehab such as Cassiobury Court, you will benefit from round-the-clock care from a large team of medical professionals, psychiatrists, mental health workers, nutritionists, registered nurses and counsellors.

Here you will go through an assisted detoxification where we manage your withdrawal symptoms. Our team will manage your physical and psychological recovery through this stage before you move onto a wide range of therapies.

The therapy that you will be offered will entirely depend on your recovery needs.  However, you will find a list of the therapies we provide below;

  • – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • – Motivational Interviewing
  • – One-To-One Recovery Planning
  • Group Therapy
  • – Stress Management
  • – Relapse Prevention
  • – Family Mediation
  • – Therapeutic Art and Music Therapy
  • – Relaxation and Sleep Management
  • – Acupuncture and Acu-Detox
  • – Holistic Therapies
  • – Self Help

As up to 60% of people living with an addiction will also require treatment for a mental health disorder, at Cassiobury Court, we also ensure that mental health support is provided, should it be needed.

Personalised Addiction Recovery

Regardless of whether you have become addicted to drugs or alcohol, our rehabilitation programmes are designed to ensure that you make a full long-term recovery.

Rehabilitation combines various psychological and well-being therapies with advice, education and guidance.

Together, each of these elements will provide you with the opportunity to acknowledge the various factors that have likely contributed to your addiction.

In many cases, these factors include stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and problems within your personal life.

Coming to terms with each of these factors through the employment of therapy may be difficult, however in doing so you will be able to overcome them once and for all.

Regardless of the therapies that your recovery team deem most suitable for you, coupled with detoxification, our rehabilitation treatment will enable you to make a long-term recovery.

At our rehab facility, each client gets a tailored rehab plan. Some people may need longer in detox than others, and some people benefit from more intensive therapy.


Although you may understand what detoxification will include, you may be left scratching your head at what will be required of you as you commence your rehabilitation programme.

People attending alcohol rehab can often experience severe withdrawal symptoms including sickness, tremors, anxiety, depression, headaches and in severe cases, hallucinations and delirium tremans.

People who attend for cocaine addiction may not have the same type of physical symptoms but may experience more psychological withdrawal symptoms. There is non one size fits all approach to detoxification and every person will be guided through the process and have their health and psychological well-being regularly monitored.

Our rehab clinic has a full team consisting of:

  • GP’S
  • Psychiatrists
  • Mental Health Nurses
  • Counsellors
  • Registered Nurses
  • Support Workers
  • Nutritionists
  • Personal Trainers

Every client who joins our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre will be closely monitored during their time at one of our rehab clinics. We look at every aspect from monitoring your physical condition, mental health issues and stress management.

This holistic approach is crucial to your addiction recovery and our staff will carefully look after your well-being during your stay with us.

Local Outpatient Treatment

If you can not spend time away from your job or can not attend rehab for family matters, outpatient addiction services are your next option.

This type of treatment differs from residential treatment as you mostly recover at home. Your GP can provide access to drug substitutes and local community services.

These are typically free and provided through the NHS, local councils and charitable organisations.

Whilst they can be a great option if you have a mild addiction and have family support, that can also be challenging, and addiction treatments can vary from area to area.

When you stay in a residential rehab facility, you will not have access to drugs or alcohol. But when you are in the recovery process as an outpatient, it is very easy to source drugs or alcohol.

Outpatient treatment does not also invest the required time in any psychological addiction, access to counsellors may be sporadic or limited.

Emergency Help

If you suspect a loved one is in critical need right now or suspect a person may have taken an overdose, you should call an ambulance immediately.

Our treatment centres do take people on very short notice but if you feel a person is in danger imminently, you should try to get them into a hospital. The nearest accident and emergency located in Newmarket is:

Newmarket Community Hospital

56 Exning Road

Tel: 01638 558400

What Treatment Will I Need to Complete?

As you express that you are ready to commit to a long-term recovery, it is normal to ponder the treatment that you will need.

It is also understandable that you will want to ensure that you fully comprehend the treatment you will be provided with before starting.

In order to determine the treatment that you require, we will firstly conduct a pre-admission assessment.  This will simply see your admissions coordinator ask you a couple of simple questions about your current health, addiction and any requirements you may have.

This pre-admission assessment is usually completed over the phone and typically takes 20 minutes.

Once your admissions coordinator has conducted your pre-admission assessment, they will be able to inform you of the treatment options available and the dates that you could commence your treatment.

We will, of course, give you the chance to ask any questions you may have.  Please do not feel embarrassed to ask us questions.  We want to ensure that you are comfortable and confident in the treatment that is recommended to you.

If you would prefer to conduct your pre-admission assessment in person, please do let us know so that we can arrange a rehab appointment in Norfolk.


How Long Does Treatment Typically Take?

Although we understand that you will want to attempt to gauge how long your treatment will take, we cannot put a time frame on your recovery.  As you enter our rehab and complete your induction, your recovery worker will go over your treatment programme with you.

Here, they may be able to estimate how long your treatment could take based on your pre-admission assessment.  However, we would encourage you to keep an open mind and not take this estimate as a final answer.

You have to overcome your physical addiction and also be treated for any mental health conditions that may contribute to your condition. Everybody will go through the healing process at their own pace and respond differently to addiction therapy.

Throughout your time in one of our drug and alcohol rehab clinics, your recovery will be under constant review.  Your recovery team will monitor the progress that you make and will also determine whether your treatment programme needs to be adjusted at any point.

The progress that you make will determine just how long your initial recovery will take.  However, it is not uncommon for those in recovery to stay with us for as little as four weeks or as long as three months.


Is There Any Support Available for My Family?

Drug and alcohol addictions do not just impact the lives of those suffering.   They also have detrimental consequences on families.

With this in mind, at Cassiobury Court, we can provide a wealth of support for you and your family.

As touched on above, as you progress through detoxification and begin your rehabilitation programme, you will undergo therapy.

As part of your therapy, your family may be invited to participate in a group family therapy session.  This gives your family the chance to come to terms with how your addiction has crippled you.

It will also offer them insight into how they can support you throughout the remainder of your treatment and as you prepare to return home.  In addition, you will be encouraged to listen to how your addiction has impacted your family.

Although this may be difficult for you, it is important that you understand this.  It will enable you and your family to repair any broken relationships and move forward.


Reach Out to Us Today

If you are searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Newmarket and feel somewhat overwhelmed by all of the options available to you, let us help you. We help people suffering from addiction in the region, including nearby areas such as Bury St Edmunds, Barrow and Fordham.

Our team are experts in their field and are equipped with the skills needed to ensure that you get the support you need for your addiction when you need it.

Regardless of whether you have become addicted to drugs or alcohol, we can help you turn your life around.

To stay in a private residential rehab, our prices start from £3500. If you are looking for outpatient services, you can speak to your GP about what help is available in the local area.

Most rehab programmes have a detoxification period on a detox wing. Here you will be monitored through the process until the drug has left your body and you are in a position to move onto the therapy

The duration of stay can vary from person to person. If you only have a mild addiction some programmes can last a week. If you are a chronic alcoholic with years of dependence, you may need up to four weeks.

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