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You’ve come to the right page if you’re suffering from drug or alcohol addiction in Forest Heath or the wider Suffolk area. Our leading addiction recovery centre has helped many people in the region – and you could be next. We understand that addiction and the thought of rehab can be very scary, which is why you can trust we’ll make the whole process simple and stress-free.

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Addiction is highly debilitating. It can take a toll on your health – both physically and mentally and can impact your work, relationships, family and finances. That’s before we mention how isolating and scary it can feel. Perhaps you’ve already tried to walk away from drugs and alcohol, or maybe this is the first time you’ve considered it. Either way, the team at Cassiobury Court are here for you.

Even with the best will in the world, recovering at home without medical support is hard. That’s why drug and alcohol rehab is often the best choice if you want to get better long-term.

Rehab isn’t just about getting rid of the physical addiction. Instead, a combination of behavioural and psychological therapies is used to help you to understand your addiction.

You’ll be guided to identify triggers and causes of your addiction and be helped to develop new alternatives and healthier behaviours. Plus, on-site wellbeing activities and holistic workshops, including nutritional advice, are designed to help you to start living a better and healthier lifestyle.

Addiction is a disease, and your recovery needs to be personal if it’s going to work for you. That’s why we get to know every one of our patients and prescribe a treatment plan that keeps you at the focus of your recovery. we can help with drug and alcohol addictions.


Addictions We Treat in Forest Heath

The UK is lucky to have such a wide range of rehabilitation centres. While they all have the same aim, their focus and approach are likely to differ. Some may only work with drug and alcohol addictions; others may offer dual diagnosis treatment for associated mental health conditions.

At Cassiobury Court, we offer leading treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, including food-related addictions and mental health concerns like anorexia and bulimia. Our team comprises medical professionals with years of experience in addiction and recovery, as well as team members who have been in your shoes.

We also offer specialist treatment and rehab programmes for disabled people, ex-pats and those in the armed forces.

Our rehab programmes are offered on an in-patient basis, meaning you’d be required to stay with us for the duration of your treatment. Many people are concerned about being away from home and loved ones, but many studies show in-patient treatment has a higher success rate and a better chance of long-term recovery.

As well as 24/7 access to medical help and support, you’ll be able to focus fully on your recovery as all meals are taken care of. You’ll also be away from any temptations or distractions in Forest Heath, and we encourage loved ones to come and visit throughout your stay.


Drug and Alcohol Detox

As part of your treatment at Cassiobury Court, you’ll be required to complete a detox. A medically safe detox with us is completely different to detoxing at home. For starters, you’ll have the support of our team and be regularly monitored to ensure you’re coping. We can also prescribe medication to ease side effects and withdrawal symptoms.

Detoxing is when the drugs or alcohol leave your body, and the whole process can take a few days. Once complete, you’re ready to start therapy and will be one step closer to your new life.


Does Private Rehab Work?

Private rehab is also known as inpatient rehab. It isn’t available on the NHS, and costs are usually around £10,000 for a 28-day stay. So, we completely understand that you want to know whether it’s going to work or not. First, we always say that you’ve got to want to recover.

Rehabilitation isn’t an easy journey, and you’ll face many challenges – physically and emotionally – throughout your time. Of course, we’ll be with you every step and help build you up so that you can cope and deal with these obstacles, but it requires dedication and hard work.

As mentioned above, many experts believe private inpatient rehabilitation has a higher chance of success than outpatient rehabilitation. This is typically because you’re treated away from home and are given the necessary respite. At Cassiobury Court, we’ve seen it ourselves and have plenty of success stories from individuals who have come to us very lost.

Each addiction and recovery journey is completely different, and we make it our mission to find a programme that suits you best. After a quick chat, we’ll know whether you’re ready for rehab yet and can advise on the best course of action.


Contact Us For Rehab in Forest Heath

Those looking for rehab in Forest Heath are ideally located for Cassiobury Court. Moreover, our admissions team comprises of medical professionals and ex-addicts themselves, so we do know how you’re feeling.

Your life doesn’t need to be controlled by drugs or alcohol anymore, and you can take back the reins and start living a life you’ve always wanted. It just takes one thing – a quick call or message – and our team would be delighted to hear from you.

Get help for yourself and your family by calling 0800 001 4070. Together, we can start planning for a new tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drug and Alcohol Rehab

While private residential rehabilitation is a more expensive treatment option than most others, you also get the best possible quality of care. The best way to find out how much our treatments are is to call our admissions team, as we offer many different packages which accommodate different budgets. When it comes to addiction treatment, you really cannot afford to choose any other than the best quality of care.

While we can help people to break free from the cycle of addiction, the threat of relapsing will sadly always be there. However, through our relapse prevention planning and complimentary aftercare programme, you can keep the prospect of relapse at bay. Relapsing is a threat you learn to manage and avoid, meaning many successful recovering addicts never relapse.

Approaching someone about their addiction is a very delicate issue. If you do not approach an alcohol or substance abuse intervention correctly, you risk pushing that person further away from receiving treatment. Family intervention should be conducted with care and compassion, ideally with a trained professional. Making the person suffering from addiction feel attacked is the opposite of what you want to achieve.

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Raffa manages the day to day caring services here at Cassiobury Court. Dedicated to the treatment and well being of our visitors she is an outstanding mental health coach registered with BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists). Raffa has outstanding experience in managing rehabs across the country and is vastly experienced at helping people recover from drug and alcohol addictions.

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