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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Rayleigh

Cassiobury Court offers a luxury rehab experience at our stunning facility located a short distance from Rayleigh. We are located in Hertfordshire on the border with London. This means you have on your doorstep one of the United Kingdom’s most renowned and effective drug rehab facilities.

If you choose to undergo detox at our drug and alcohol rehab in Rayleigh, then call today on 01923 369 161 to arrange a pre-admission assessment. If you wish you may attend our centre on an upcoming open day to ensure our facility is suitable to your taste and needs.


Our support here at our Rayleigh rehab

At Cassiobury Court, we believe addiction is a disease requiring professional assistance. This assistance we offer includes 24/7 medical attention during detox. When you choose to undergo detox with Cassiobury Court you receive this important attention whilst in our care. We only offer full residential rehabilitation. This means treatment and sleeping quarters are located in one central facility. You won’t be ‘shipped off’ to a second unsupervised location during the evening as is the case with some rehab providers. This means the risk of relapse is reduced to zero whilst you are in our care.

Our centre is entirely private. This means we do not accept admissions from public sources such as local councils, the NHS or the court service. This invariably means your privacy is assured throughout your stay. We find private paying clients also tend to have an enhanced motivation to succeed in their recovery efforts compared to others who are compelled to attend treatment for legal reasons.


What happens upon arrival?

When you arrive at our facility, you undergo a full psychiatric assessment. Depending on the nature of your addiction, the psychiatrist typically prescribes you with medication. This medication is designed to reduce withdrawal symptoms associated with drug or alcohol detox. You begin taking medication for withdrawal symptoms when your detox commences. You are tapered off this medication through the course of your detox.

The length of detox is dictated by the substance you are addicted to. Patients addiction to alcohol typically require between ten and fourteen days to complete detox. Patients suffering from an opiate addiction may require up to twenty-eight days in order to fully detox.
The length of your detox is dictated by the substance you are addicted to. Patients addiction to alcohol typically require between ten and fourteen days to complete detox


Therapy we offer

Once your detox commences, you will receive therapy. Therapy aims to treat the underlying emotional causes of  drug and alcohol addiction. Therapies on offer at our rehab include psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and holistic therapies such as yoga, meditation, and reflexology. A solid programme of therapy is essential for long-term recovery. We also offer traditional 12-step work for clients wishing to learn more about the workings of AA and NA.

All of our programmes are backed up by 12 month’s FREE aftercare. Aftercare sessions take place each week on a Saturday. These sessions typically consist of ‘top up’ therapy sessions. Aftercare ensures clients are able to remain in recovery once they have left our care. We also encourage clients to attend local AA, NA or SMART Recovery meetings in Rayleigh following the completion of residential treatment.


Contacting Cassiobury Court

If you live in Rayleigh, and are suffering from an addiction then contact our local rehab clinic. We accept clients from all around London. Call today on 01923 369 161, or contact us through this website for more information.

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