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If you have a problem with alcoholprescription drugs or illegal drugs in Castle Point, attending a private rehab centre is the best place for you to recover and receive addiction treatments. Find out more about our treatment programmes at Cassiobury Court here.

Rehab treatment in Castle Point
Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Castle Point

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Castle Point

If you’re suffering with drug or alcohol addiction, rehab can seem scary. But if you truly want to walk away and recover, long-term, it’s often the only choice.

At Cassiobury Court, we know how anxious you must be feeling which is why we strive to go above and beyond to ensure you have all the support and information you need to be able to make the best decision for you.


Drug and Alcohol Rehab Castle Point


Do I Have a Drug or Alcohol Addiction?

The first step towards recovery is admitting that you need help. For this to happen, you need to recognise that you have an addiction and that’s easier said than done. Unfortunately, there isn’t a set symptom that means you have an addiction. Instead, it’s usually a number of patterns and behaviours. This includes:

  • Withdrawal symptoms and cravings when you don’t use the substance
  • Wanting to stop but not being able to
  • Continuing your usage despite the negative consequences it’s having elsewhere on your life

If you have concerns about your usage, then our friendly team can discuss this with you. We’ll listen to you and explain if and why rehabilitation might be a good idea.

We’ll highlight exactly what to expect at alcohol rehab and how it could help your physical and mental health, if appropriate. But don’t worry about being pressured into anything. Our team is not here to force you to do anything but instead just want to open up your eyes and mind as to what recovery could – and does – look like.


What Happens at Rehab?

Each private rehab centre around the UK will have its own approaches and protocols. But typically the aim is to stop the physical addiction and treat any psychological dependencies. To do this, a combination of behavioural and well-being therapies as well as social activities are used. This is to help you to understand your addiction, its triggers and to help you to carve out a new lifestyle.

A team of medical professionals, consisting of doctors, nurses, mental health experts and counsellors will be on hand and they’ll continuously monitor your progress too.


Pros and Cons of Private Rehab

  • Intensive form of addiction treatment
  • High recovery rates
  • Aftercare support in Castle Point
  • 24/7 support in luxury facilities
  • Expert medical professionals
  • May need to take time off work
  • Time away from family and friends

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Free Drug & Alcohol Support in Castle Point

There are many free support options for drug and alcohol addiction. Here are some helpful options:


Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Castle Point

Canvey Island


St Nicholas Church Hall, 208 Long Rd

Time: 20.00 – duration 1hr 30mins
Postcode: SS8 0JR

Leigh-On-Sea/Hadleigh Share


Highlands Methodist Church, Sutherland Boulevard

Time: 19.30 – duration 1hr 30mins
Postcode: SS9 3PT

Rayleigh Lunchtime Recovery


Bethenay Rm, Our Lady of Ransom RC Church, 50 London Hill

Time: 13.00 – duration 1hr 30mins
Postcode: SS6 7HP

See more AA Meetings in Castle Point over on the AA website.


Narcotics Anonymous Meetings in and near Castle Point

Stepping Out Of Sunday


Quaker Hall, 18 Dundonald Drive, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, SS9 1NB
Time: 19:00 – 20:30

Wednesday Phoenix Meeting


Leigh Road Baptist Church, Marguerite Drive, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, SS9 1NN
Time: 19:30 – 21:00

Southend Saturday Step Meeting


St Alban’s Church, St John’s Road, Westcliff, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS0 7JZ
Time: 11:00 – 12:30

See more NA Meetings in and near Castle Point over on the Narcotics Anonymous website.


Alcohol Rehab in Castle Point

Alcohol addiction, medically termed Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), affects millions of people globally. Characterised by an inability to control or stop drinking despite its negative impacts, AUD can lead to severe health issues, including liver disease, heart problems, and an increased risk of cancer.

In Castle Point, we offer a comprehensive, patient-focused alcohol rehab programme designed to address your unique needs.

The programme includes a medically-supervised detox to manage withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety, sweating, shaking, and potential delirium tremens safely.

Following detox, a variety of therapy options, including cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, and group therapy, are utilised to tackle the root causes of your addiction.

Additionally, we also incorporate lifestyle changes and nutritional guidance to promote overall wellness.

Aftercare services are also provided to ensure a smooth transition back into society and help prevent relapse.


Cannabis Rehab in Castle Point

Cannabis, despite being considered a “soft drug”, can lead to a serious addiction known as Cannabis Use Disorder (CUD).

Symptoms can include an uncontrollable craving for the drug, disrupted daily life due to excessive use, and withdrawal symptoms like irritability, insomnia, and loss of appetite when trying to quit.

Our cannabis rehab programme in Castle Point is designed to help you break free from your dependency on cannabis and move towards a healthier, substance-free life.

This programme uses evidence-based therapies, such as cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) and contingency management, coupled with holistic treatments like mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

We also offer education on the effects of cannabis and skills training to manage triggers and cope with cravings.


Cocaine Rehab in Castle Point

Cocaine addiction is a powerful stimulant disorder that can lead to severe physical and psychological problems, including heart disease, stroke, and severe mental health issues like anxiety and paranoia.

Overcoming such an addiction can be extremely challenging due to intense cravings and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, like depression and restlessness.

Our cocaine rehab facility in Castle Point provides a comprehensive treatment plan that includes detox, individual and group therapies, and aftercare.

These therapy sessions focus on understanding the underlying causes of your addiction, developing healthier coping mechanisms, and building resilience to prevent relapse.

Family counselling is also offered to repair damaged relationships and create a supportive environment for your recovery.


Prescription Drug Rehab in Castle Point

Prescription drug addiction is an insidious disorder that often starts with legitimate medical use.

These drugs, including opioids, benzodiazepines, and stimulants, can lead to physical dependence and addiction over time.

Overcoming this addiction can be complex due to the potential for severe withdrawal symptoms and the need for ongoing pain management in some cases.

Our prescription drug rehab programme in Castle Point addresses these challenges through a multidisciplinary approach. This approach includes a medically supervised detox, cognitive-behavioural therapy, individual and group counselling, and medical management as needed.

Educational sessions are also provided to understand the dangers of prescription drug abuse and misuse.

Aftercare services are provided to support your ongoing recovery, including resources for community support groups and ongoing outpatient therapy as needed.


Detox and Therapy Treatments in Private Rehab

Private drug rehab is also known as inpatient rehab and means you’d be required to stay on-site.

At Cassiobury Court, this is the type of addiction recovery treatment that we offer as we feel it has the highest rates of long-term recovery. As part of your treatment at private rehab, you’ll be required to complete alcohol or drug detox.

A medically-safe detox, unlike detoxing at home, is when you’re supported by doctors and nurses as any drug and alcohol substances leave your body.

It’s completely normal to experience side effects and withdrawal symptoms, physically and mentally, but we have medication to help ease this. You may have tried to detox at home yourself or heard about others trying to do so but detoxing at a rehab centre has much higher success rates and is also safer.

Once this stage of your recovery is complete, it’s time to start your therapy. At Cassiobury Court, we have a wide range of treatment types – but your overall treatment plan will be completely personal to you.

Therapy is also completed on an individual and group basis and we’ll meet with you regularly to see how you’re finding treatment as well as how you’re feeling.

As part of your treatment, you’ll also work with a specialist team who will prepare you for your time at rehab coming to an end. We understand that this can be a daunting prospect but you’ll be supported to build resilience and given all the tools you need for aftercare and relapse prevention.

What’s more, we’re delighted to offer a full year of free aftercare too. Plus, we’ll make sure you’ve got support in the local Castle Point area with information about groups and more.


How Much Does Rehab Cost?

Unfortunately, inpatient rehab like the one offered at Cassiobury Court isn’t available on the NHS. While outpatient treatment is available on the NHS, waiting lists can be long and you also need to consider whether you feel ready to return home in the evening after treatment – and what it would be like to be surrounded by familiar influences.

Every rehab centre will have its own prices and programmes but at Cassiobury Court, inpatient stays for 28 days cost around £15,000. We do have shorter and longer options available but we believe 28 days is the optimum time.

As an inpatient at a private rehabilitation centre, you’d also have all of your meals taken care of and 24/7 access to state-of-the-art facilities and leading health professionals. This is accounted for in the cost of rehab.

Of course, cost should never get in the way if you truly want to recover. That’s why we’re more than happy to discuss options with you and can recommend shorter courses if that suits you best – contact us for more information.


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At Cassiobury Court, we’ve worked hard to create a safe environment which relaxes the body and mind and has everything you need to recover on every level.

As one of the leading addiction recovery treatment centres in the UK, we’ve helped hundreds of people just like you to get their life back on track. So, if you’re ready to take the first step today, contact our team on 01923 369 161 or text HELP to 83222.


Frequently Asked Questions

Rehab programmes can vary depending on the individual, often due to the fact that some people opt for inpatient and some people opt for outpatient. However, the majority of the inpatient treatment plans that we provide here at Cassiobury Court typically last for around 28 days. This might seem like quite a long time to be with us, but the time will fly by.

Signs that you have developed a substance abuse problem include hiding your substance use, personality changes and becoming more tolerant of them. If you think that you have an addiction, the best time to seek help is right away. The problem will only get worse the longer it is ignored, so you should act immediately.

Some people may attempt to detox at home; however, this is extremely risky and isn’t likely to be effective without the support of medical professionals. For detox to be successful, you need to be within a safe and controlled environment like our drug and alcohol rehab Rothesay. Due to the likelihood of withdrawal symptoms, it’s crucial that you have medical assistance to administer any prescribed medication to ease the discomfort if needed. Many detoxifications at home are unsafe and unsuccessful.

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Raffa manages the day to day caring services here at Cassiobury Court. Dedicated to the treatment and well being of our visitors she is an outstanding mental health coach registered with BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists). Raffa has outstanding experience in managing rehabs across the country and is vastly experienced at helping people recover from drug and alcohol addictions.

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