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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Brentwood

If you are suffering from drug or alcohol abuse, you may have managed to get sober in the past, or even gone through periods where you’ve not used substances yet found yourself relapsing over and over again. This is because, without professional help to discover the causes of your addiction, it’s likely that you won’t be able to recover on your own. That’s why, if you’re considering drug and alcohol rehab in Brentwood, you should call Cassiobury Court. We have a team of experts on hand who work with all types of addictions and can find the right treatment options to help you stay sober in the long term.


Do I need professional help?

Many people who come to us for drug and alcohol rehab in Brentwood have tried other methods to stop using these substances. They may have detoxed at home, used a 12-step programme or gone to an outpatient clinic. However, in many cases, these types of therapy simply aren’t enough, and while it’s relatively easy to get ‘on the wagon’ for short periods, it’s all too easy to relapse.

When you come to Cassiobury Court for drug or alcohol rehab, we tackle the root causes of your addiction, as well as giving you the tools you need to stay away from drugs and alcohol for life. Many substance abusers are stuck in a negative behavioural cycle of getting sober and relapsing, so we help you break that cycle through therapy and specialist addiction treatments.

Few people whose drug or alcohol addiction is serious enough for a rehab stay believe that they need professional help. This denial is what causes them to keep drinking or taking drugs, even when their life is falling apart. At Cassiobury Court, we aim to educate those who come to us for rehab with information about addiction, so they can start to see the consequences of not staying sober.


Who will know about my stay?

When you come to us for drug and alcohol addiction treatments, you can be sure of the highest levels of discretion. We know that addiction still carries a heavy stigma, so you may be worried about what a stay in rehab will do to your career or personal relationships. Needless to say, nobody needs to know that you have been to Cassiobury Court. We don’t require a GP referral, and only share information about your stay with your doctor with your permission.

Our treatment services are intensive, so you only stay with us for 28 days, which means you can explain your absence by saying you’re on an extended holiday or business trip. By taking this time off, you can change your life and break your negative cycles.


Why should I choose private rehab?

When you’re looking for rehab in Brentwood, there are NHS options available. Sadly, the NHS has a real lack of resources, so it can be difficult to access help and support in a timely manner, and you’ll often find yourself stuck on a waiting list while other cases get prioritised. Most drug and alcohol rehab provided through the NHS is quite basic. You’ll often only get a few sessions of therapy or access to an outpatient clinic, but very little else in the way of support. The services in Essex, like many parts of the country, simply can’t cope with the high number of people who need help.

By contrast, when you call Cassiobury Court, we aim to get you admitted within 48 hours. Waiting for help with an addiction means your substance misuse could get worse in the meantime, putting you at risk of an overdose or permanent damage. If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Brentwood and simply don’t want to wait any longer, then your best option is to call Cassiobury Court today.

Many people worry about the cost of coming to our treatment facility, and it’s true that going private for rehab is not a cheap option. However, we offer excellent value for money by offering all-inclusive packages which include all your therapy, activities, accommodation and meals, so you don’t need to worry about paying anything else. We are happy to discuss your payment options on the phone.


What treatment services do you offer?

Cassiobury Court offer a world-class recovery service in comfortable, homely surroundings. Your programme will take three parts.

Firstly, you need to go through a detox. This is standard for anyone coming into alcohol or drug rehab, as it gets all the substances out of your system so you can recover. If you stay in a treatment facility, then you have the option of taking prescription drugs, which can ease the worst of the side effects to keep you on track.

Your next stage of drug and alcohol rehab in Brentwood is to go through intensive therapy, so you can focus on your mental health and the causes of your addiction. If you try to get sober without support for your behavioural health, then you’re likely to relapse, as you’ll soon fall into old patterns. While you stay with us, you’ll have both individual and group therapy, so you can learn the tools you need to stay off drugs and alcohol for life.

While inside treatment centres, you enjoy great support and camaraderie. This means that leaving rehab can be tough, so part of our recovery service is aftercare. Complete 28 days with us, and you’ll get 12 months of access to our support groups for free, meaning we can help you on your ongoing journey. We don’t just want to help you get sober, but rather be the first step towards a better life in Brentwood. We can also help people with addiction who are in need in nearby locations such as Hornchurch and Romford.

When you need addiction treatment without the long waiting lists, call the team at Cassiobury Court on 0800 001 4070 or text HELP to 83222 and we’ll get back to you to discuss your treatment options.

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