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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Basildon

If you’re seeking help for excessive drinking or drug abuse, you may be considering drug and alcohol rehab in Basildon. At Cassiobury Court, we work with people from all walks of life, offering detox and rehab that helps you get free of alcohol or drugs and stay sober for life. We’re based in Watford, just over an hour from Southend-on-Sea, Basildon and many major towns in Essex, making it an ideal location for those who want to spend some time away from home for treatment.

There can be many signs that you have an addiction. It may have affected your relationships or career; you may have found yourself acting impulsively or having mood swings or doing unethical things in order to obtain drink or drugs. Whatever your reason for finally seeking help, Cassiobury Court are here to help you.


Get the best chance of recovery

When you’ve made a pact to go through treatment and recovery, you want to be sure you have the best chance of success, and Cassiobury Court has one of the most comprehensive programmes around. You’ll undergo residential rehab in our homely, welcoming centre, where you can enjoy pleasant communal areas, grounds and cosy treatment rooms, making the ideal backdrop in which to recover. If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Basildon, then we’re one of the best treatment centres in the area.

One of the reasons why Cassiobury Court has an excellent success rate is that we don’t just offer one type of treatment, but several. In addition to individual therapy with addiction counsellors, we offer group sessions where you can meet others in a similar situation. We use scientific methods such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which have been proven to be effective in treating all sorts of addictions and mental health issues.

During your stay, you’ll also learn holistic methods for dealing with your addiction. You can learn skills such as yoga and mindfulness, as well as taking workshops on a number of useful topics. You’ll enjoy activities such as art and music, which can give you a creative outlet when you leave rehab, and we’ll teach you to take care of your body again with regular exercise sessions and nutritious meals. Both your mind and your body can be affected by drugs and drinking, so we want you to leave Cassiobury Court with both your mind and body feeling healed. If you feel better in yourself, you’re less likely to want to go back to drinking or taking drugs.


Looking forward to the future

Having a drug and alcohol problem can affect many areas of your life, from your family to your job, and so when you start to recover from your addiction, you may need to work on improving your life. When you come to us for drug and alcohol rehab in Basildon, we help you set goals for a better future, and this can help you stay sober in the long term.

There are many areas where we can offer you support. If you want to reconnect with family or loved ones, we can arrange for visits and family therapy sessions, which allow you to start to heal. Many young people can find addiction confusing when it affects their loved ones, and therapy can help them to understand your disease. You may want to make plans for when you leave rehab, whether it’s a new job or doing some studying, voluntary work, or a new hobby. If you’re busy and happy, you’re less likely to relapse.


Life outside of Cassiobury Court

Cassiobury Court provides a supportive environment with 24/7 care, and sometimes it can be tough to adjust to post-rehab life. That’s why we work so hard to offer excellent aftercare, so if you complete drug and alcohol rehab in Basildon with us, we offer 12-months of free aftercare sessions on a weekly basis. This weekly support group allows you to keep up to date with others on your treatment programme and discuss your difficulties outside of rehab.

It can also help to join groups such as Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous. These 12-step programmes are designed for alcoholics and drug addicts, so they can build a support network and stay sober in the long term.


Don’t delay treatment

There are many reasons why delaying rehab treatment is a bad idea. It can mean that you suffer from a worsening addiction in the meantime, or you may end up in financial or legal trouble because of your alcohol or drug use. If you decide to stay at Cassiobury Court, you simply need to call us to discuss your needs. We don’t have lengthy waiting lists or admissions processes; all we ask is that you’re over 18 and willing to commit to the treatment programme. We can then arrange for a bed in our clinic in as little as 48 hours, and we can make arrangements such as transport if needed, ensuring that you arrive safely at our centre and ready to start your journey.

For effective drug and alcohol rehab in Basildon, call the team at Cassiobury Court today on 0800 001 4070 or text HELP to 83222 to find out more about private rehab.

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