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Drug Rehab Chelmsford

Cassiobury Court offers drug Rehab Chelmsford. This treatment includes a number of options designed to fully rehabilitate and detoxify our clients, allowing them to reach their recovery and abstinence goals.
We offer a range of short, medium and long-term rehabilitation programmes to suit your requirements. For instance, using our exclusive IV treatment, you may choose to detox in as little as five days. Or if you require long-term rehabilitation, you may choose to undergo treatment for up to a three-month period.

Winning the psychological battle against addiction

If you have suffered from an addiction to drugs  for a number of years, even those closest to you may write you off as a ‘lost cause.’ However, we wish to assure you this view is highly flawed. Why? Because here at Cassiobury Court’s Drug Rehab Chelmsford Centre, we’ve managed to fully rehabilitate thousands of addicts who had failed many times before. How? Because we insist on offering our clients only the most modern and effective therapy techniques.
When you attend Cassiobury Court’s Drug Rehab Chelmsford centre, we favour effective therapy techniques such as psychotherapy, relapse prevention and cognitive behaviour therapy. The focus is placed on more modern and proven therapy techniques that have evolved over the last ten years.
The therapies we provide take place in group and one-to-one sessions. Some clients will be confident speakers and so these people will benefit from group sessions. Others may be reserved and prefer to receive therapy sessions one-to-one with a therapist. However, most clients will benefit from a mixture of both group and one-to-one therapy sessions. To achieve this, we offer a healthy split between these two therapy approaches.

Admissions to private rehab treatment

Since Cassiobury Court offers private rehab services, your admission into our centre may be secured within hours. In contrast, NHS-based rehab programmes require you join a lengthy ‘waiting list.’ This means you may have to wait for around 12 months whilst your addiction literally robs your health and threatens your very existence.

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