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Are you based in Manchester, looking for an expert drug rehab? Consider our addiction specialised rehab centre today to work on overcoming your dependency.

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The effects of a Drug Addiction

Whether someone is addicted to prescription drugs, or a more hazardous substance, living with a drug dependency can be very difficult. The negative side-effects on physical and mental health, the financial costs, the inability to form and maintain relationships and the incapacity to lead a normal quality life. Not to mention the effect it has on their loved ones.

Although the potential of experiencing long-term health implications, homelessness, criminal incidents or losing family support, drug addictions are on the rise. With greater availability, and an increase of individuals living with addictive behaviours, drug abuse is causing many fatal scenarios across the United Kingdom.

Are you living with any side-effects? Or maybe you’re concerned that your drug addiction may lead to any of the above situations? If you care about yours or your loved one’s future, now is the time to seek expert support.

For greatest results, seeking addiction treatment through a rehab centre will be recommended. If you are based in Manchester or the surrounding areas in the North West, here at Cassiobury Court, we can support you. Relocate for a time of rehabilitation and transformation to improve your quality of life, drug-free.

Seek expert support through Drug Rehab

When looking to work through a dependency, such as a drug addiction, it is important that you seek medical, specialised support. Working through any addiction alone is near enough impossible. Working through an addiction with the wrong type of support can be a significant challenge. However, seeking the right support can turn a challenging process, into positive steps for your future.

Completing any form of psychological or physical treatment should always be observed by an expert. Throughout rehab, withdrawal symptoms creep in, mental health problems arise, and anxieties heighten. The correct support can keep you secure while providing healthy methods to cope with all withdrawal episodes, working through your drug addiction.

Here at our London based rehab centre, we have a team of credible addiction experts ready to help you through your transformation. Our team include medical experts, certified therapists, addiction psychologists and even specialised meditation instructors, ensuring your receiving safe, expert care. We are passionate about using our experience to help those in need conquer their drug addiction.

With our compassionate support, along with our industry leading treatments, we can help you work on and overcome your drug addiction, with the goal to lead a drug-free future.

If you have the aim to lead a drug-free future, looking for a rehab centre which is located away from your home city of Manchester would be recommended. This is so you can step away from all influences to focus on working through your drug addiction. Although this may seem daunting to some who use their family as a strong support network, we can help you at our family feel clinic. From the moment you enquire, here at Cassiobury Court we offer 24/7 support. We will provide a safe haven, a strong positive environment for you to progress. Once you do return home to Manchester, we also offer free aftercare support to ensure you are following your long-term recovery plan.

Therefore, please be assure that our expert support will get you through this difficult time. For further information, get in touch with our compassionate team today on 01923 369161 / or text HELP to 83222.

Overcome your Drug Addiction with our industry leading treatments

Alongside our continuous support, our industry leading addiction treatments will help you overcome your drug dependency. Prior to creating your personalised treatment programme, our team will need to understand your addiction greater. Getting to the bottom of your influences and where your drug addiction has stemmed from will lead the rest of your treatment. From here, a holistic approach, including a variety of psychological, social and wellbeing therapies will be combined within your plan.

Treatments you can expect to see within your plan include cognitive behavioural therapy, group activities, meditation sessions, a structured detox plan, daily walks and one-to-one counselling sessions. The psychological methods will help you work on the underlying influences of your drug addiction, alongside any mental health issues you are experiencing. Our wellbeing therapies will promote self-care whilst inspiring a positive mindset moving forward. This combined with social activities will show you a life without drug-use, while building up your support network through your rehabilitation process.

Alongside a number of treatments, you will also receive relapse prevention and coping mechanism classes to help you prepare for your return home to Manchester. Currently, for most individuals with a drug dependency, they turn to their addiction to cope through day to day scenarios. We will provide you with healthy natural ways of coping, along with providing a long-term recovery plan to help you live a life without drugs.

Learn life-changing and saving skills here at Cassiobury Court to return to Manchester prepared, ready to lead a drug-free, positive future.

Return to Manchester drug-free with our support

Please be assured that we will work with you throughout your treatment up until you feel ready to return home to Manchester. Throughout your visit we will assess your progress to ensure that all efforts are helping you overcome your drug addiction.

On your return home, you will receive free aftercare support to ensure that your transition back into your home environment is positive, helping you maintain recovery. To ensure that your environment is suitable, we will also offer family therapy sessions to confirm that your loved ones understand the severity of your addiction, the process you will be going through, and the help they can provide post rehab.

To begin the admissions process with our expert team, get in touch today on 01923 369161 / or text HELP to 83222. We will answer any questions you have regarding rehab, provide important information whilst recommending the best addiction treatment for you.

Together we can overcome your drug addiction. Take the first step today for the opportunity to control your life and change your future. Work on your drug-free future with our Cassiobury Court team today.