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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Rochdale

According to the Office for Health and Improvement Disparities, figures shows premature deaths from alcohol-related conditions led to a potential 2,502 years of life being lost in Rochdale during 2020. This figure had increased from the previous year, which accumulated to a loss in 2,001 years of life due to alcohol-related causes, and is the highest number since 2016, which highlights a serious issue with drug and alcohol issues in Rochdale.

Are you struggling with an addiction in Rochdale? There are people all over the UK who are also struggling with addictions, so it is important that you remember that you are not alone in your addiction.

Drug and alcohol addiction ruins people’s lives every day all around the world. Addiction is something that you never think will happen to you, however, this is exactly how addiction can creep up on you. It can affect anyone. Addiction is much more common than you might think, and it can affect both men and women of all ages.

drug and alcohol rehab rochdale

Why Do People Become Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol?

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine exactly what causes addiction as there is never usually one simple cause or explanation. Every single person is different; however, every single addiction is complex.

There is always some underlying issue that causes addiction. This can be things such as childhood habits, poor mental health, or other life circumstances such as grief or the loss of their job.

When addiction is caused by something deep down, it can be much harder to recover from. Many people think that addicts can simply just stop abusing substances and get better, however, that is far from the truth. In order to overcome addiction, you will need to have a complete change of mind set.

You will need a support system in place, and you should seek out a supportive and comfortable environment to make your recovery a success. This is what residential rehabs are for.

How Do You Know If You Are Ready for Rehab?

The first step in knowing that you’re ready for rehab is being able to accept that you have a problem and you need help. This isn’t an easy step to take but it is definitely a very courageous move and the first step in the right direction.

If you are looking for rehab yourself, then that is a clear sign that you are ready to change your life for the better and make a recovery from your addiction.

Your best chances of completely making a full recovery form your alcohol or drug addiction is by attending a residential rehab centre.

How Can Substance Abuse Affect Your Life?

Addictions can have many negative effects on your life. Some of them you may be well aware of and others you may not even realise. In early addiction, the effects on your life may seem small and insignificant, but these can eventually build up and completely ruin your life.

Substance abuse can often destroy your chances of maintaining healthy relationships, holding down a job, and it can ruin your friendships and tear your family apart. Perhaps you have noticed some of these things happening gradually already.

If you have noticed that addiction may be affecting your life in some of these negative ways, then this is a clear sign that you need help.

Cocaine Rehab in Rochdale

Cocaine addiction has a significant impact on the lives of individuals that are suffering from it, as well as their network of family and friends around them. When you visit one of our rehab centres in Rochdale, you receive a unique, personalised treatment plan that is designed to help you on your road to recovery, as well as additional support for loved ones.

At our cocaine rehab, we provide medically supervised detoxification to help you safely manage your withdrawal symptoms, before offering a selection of evidence-supported treatments that are chosen by you to find an effective way of overcoming your addiction, including cognitive-behavioural-therapy (CBT) either through group therapy or one-to-one therapy.

Cannabis Rehab in Rochdale

Addiction to cannabis use can cause many symptoms that can affect your day-to-day life and seriously impact your mental health, often leading to anxiety and depression. If you are suffering with symptoms from cannabis addiction then we can help at our rehabilitation centres.

We have a team of specialists in cannabis addiction and offer comprehensive treatment programmes that are personalised to help get your life back on track. Each of our therapy treatments are evidence-supported to help you understand your addiction so you can manage it better, as you move forward in life.

Prescription Drug Rehab in Rochdale

Prescription drug addiction can be common in various forms, often involving misuse of painkillers, sleeping pills, or other easily accessible drugs. If you believe that you may be addicted to prescription drugs and require professional help to overcome your addiction, we are here to help you.

At Cassiobury Court, we offer comprehensive detox and rehab programmes for prescription addiction which are designed to help you get your life back on track. As well as offering detoxification supervision to manage withdrawal symptoms, we provide a range of therapy treatments. These help you gain a better insight into your prescription drug addiction and improve how you manage your feelings, as you start your road to recovery.

Alcohol Rehab in Rochdale

If you are suffering due to an alcohol addiction and are unable to function in daily life without a drink, our alcohol rehab in Rochdale can help you manage and overcome your addiction. With specialist treatments and team of experienced medical professionals at our rehabilitation centres, we are qualified to help you beat your addiction and improve your overall quality of life.

When you stay with us at one of our alcohol rehab centres, you benefit from solely focusing on managing your addiction without any external factors, and receiving our range of inpatient therapy treatments that are personalised to you.

The Benefits of Choosing a Private Rehabilitation Centre

Private rehab is usually the best choice of rehab if you want to make a fast and full recovery. Unfortunately, NHS provided rehab programs have lengthy waiting lists and this can lead to you becoming frustrated and could even make your addiction worse while you wait for help.

The detox that you undergo in a non-private setting is usually physical in nature, so this means you lack the treatment of underlying causes and triggers of your addiction. So even though you may be able to successfully go through a detox program after waiting for availability, there is a very good chance that you will end up relapsing in the near future.

If you choose a private rehab, however, you will be provided with the best treatments for your addiction with a very fast turnaround.

Pros and Cons of Private Rehab

  • Intensive form of addiction treatment
  • High recovery rates
  • Aftercare support in Rochdale
  • 24/7 support in luxury facilities
  • Treatment programmes can be expensive
  • Rehab may not be local to Rochdale
  • May need to take time off work
  • Time away from family and friends

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Beat Your Addiction Now

Beating a drug or alcohol addiction requires a lot of commitment, hard work, and effort. The treatments usually include a number of therapies to address the behavioural problems that may have caused your addiction. You will be treated for both you physical and mental dependency.

If you attempt to detox from the substance you’re addicted to without any professional help, this can be extremely difficult and even dangerous in some cases. Addictions affect your physical and mental health. The change in your behaviours due to drugs or alcohol are usually most apparent and these are usually troubling to your family and friends.

To ensure that rehab works for you, you need to make some life-changing behavioural changes during your treatment. The chances of making a successful recovery will depend on your commitment and dedication to make those necessary behavioural changes.

In rehab, you will be armed with a personalised treatment program that focuses on your personal goals. The treatments that you undergo will be specific to your type and severity of addiction. Your progress will be monitored throughout the program and aspects of it may change depending on what works best for you. There is no single treatment that works for everyone. Rehab treatments are designed around you specifically so that you get the best chances of making a successful full recovery from you drug or alcohol addiction.

Finding a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Rochdale

If you are looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Rochdale, then look no further. Our friendly team are on hand to answer any questions you may have about residential rehab in Rochdale. Our treatments and facilities are second to none and accessing our services couldn’t be easier.

If you are ready to turn your life around, then give us a call on 01923 369 161 to find out more about what we offer and how we can help you achieve you goals of a life without drug and alcohol dependency. There is no better time than now.

Free Drug & Alcohol Support in Rochdale

There are many free support options for drug and alcohol addiction in Rochdale. Here are some free options available:

Alcohol Anonymous Meetings in Rochdale

Rochdale Zrodlo Zycia Polish Speaking

Venue: Polish Catholic Centre, 365 Manchester Rd, OL11 4LZ

Opening hours: 18:30 (1hr 30mins)


Venue: Harehill House, Hare Hill Road, OL15 9HE

Opening hours: Mondays 7pm (duration 1hr 30mins)

Telephone: 0161 839 2881 (11am – 11pm)


Venue: Sandon House Community Centre, Taylor Street, OL10 1EF

Opening hours: Thursdays 7.45pm (duration 1hr 30mins)


Venue: Holy Trinity Church Hall, Church Rd, Shaw, OL2 7AT

Opening hours: Monday 20:00 (1hr)

Help from Local GP’s

If you require support then consider seeking help from your local GP. Here are some local GP’s in the Rochdale area:

Ashworth Street Surgery

85 Spotland Road
OL12 6RT
01706 346767

Baillie Street Health Centre

Baillie Street
OL16 1XS
01706 525322

Dr Dawes

83 Spotland Road
OL12 6RX
01706 644040

Wellfield Health Centre

116 Oldham Rd
OL11 1AD
01706 397600

Rochdale Health Infirmary 

Whitehall St
OL12 0NB
0161 624 0420

Yorkshire Street Surgery 

188 Yorkshire St
OL16 2DN
01706 390243

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Rochdale

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