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Do you feel ready to embark on the journey of drug and alcohol rehabilitation? By that, at Cassiobury Court, we mean on both physical and psychological levels.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Margate

Ensuring that you have enough time and money to invest in drug and alcohol rehab is necessary. However, alongside making arrangements around visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Margate, or the surrounding area, reaching the right mindset is also very important.

Without feeling completely ready for rehab, there’s a risk that initial stages of drug and alcohol rehab will be unwelcomed. At Cassiobury Court, we aim to avoid this for our clients, by securing their readiness through their rehab admission process.

With this in mind, before you select a rehab clinic, before you invest yourself, and before you embark on the life-changing process, offered by rehab, it’s time to feel prepared.

Drug and alcohol withdrawal and long-term recovery are big asks. You must be committed to tackling the highs and lows of addiction recovery to benefit from the value of rehab.


Are you ready for drug and alcohol rehab?

Are you prepared with enough resources and time to commit to drug and alcohol rehab? This will not only include your initial rehab programme, but also your long-term recovery efforts.

Are you fully aware of the processes of drug and alcohol rehab, knowing what to expect? This will include anything from potential addiction treatment services, recommended for you, along with what’s expected of you from rehab.

If you’re prepared to this degree, you’ll be ready for rehab on a physical basis.

However, it is very important that you’re also ready on a psychological basis. Are you willing to do whatever is asked of you to withdraw from drugs and alcohol?

This will be anything from bypassing withdrawal symptoms, to making changes to your post-rehab life. Are you in the right headspace to leave your potential coping strategy and crutch in the past?

Here you’ll need to be prepared to open up about personal encounters with drugs and alcohol. If you’re prepared to this degree, you’ll also be ready for rehab on a psychological basis.

Both physical and psychological readiness will ensure that you can benefit from rehab, from the offset. Many individuals enter rehab, lacking readiness in one area.

This will usually be their mindset, believing that rehab is easy, or that it is a short-term commitment. To benefit from visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Margate or the surrounding area, you must see rehab for what it is; a challenging process which will promote positive change, disconnecting you from drugs and alcohol.


Understanding the realism of selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Margate

If you feel ready to embrace rehab, your next step will be to find and secure a rehab clinic. Throughout your options, it is very important to consider the realism of rehab.

For most individuals, considering private care, localised recovery or residential rehab will be their favoured choice. This is down to the quality of care which will be available to them as a standard.

If you’re looking for that standard, it is important that you do consider your ability to recover, through your chosen rehab route.

The realism of selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Margate may not be what you hope to hear. Localised recovery is a highly beneficial option, boasting advantages of comfort and familiarity.

However, for someone living with an addiction, familiarity can act as a deterrent.

Your current life, in Margate will be filled with exposure to drugs and alcohol. While tangible exposure will be removed, psychological touchpoints will still be present.

This can be very difficult for those with an emotional connection to drugs and alcohol. If this reflects your relationship with drugs and alcohol, the reality of localised recovery may be too much, swaying you towards the value of residential rehab.


The value of residential rehab throughout addiction recovery

While residential rehab may be an unfamiliar option for you, it is a highly utilised option, standing as invaluable in addiction recovery. This is down to the fact that a comprehensive rehab programme can be completed, along with benefiting from distance, optimal recovery environments, and personalised rehab programmes.

At Cassiobury Court, you can expect this standard, by detaching yourself from life back in Margate. Through residential rehab, you’ll have the time and focus to advance through an intense yet safe range of addiction treatment services.

To cater to your needs, they will be merged together to create a personalised rehab programme, ensuring that your physical and psychological health can also benefit from rehab.

Moving away from Margate will offer significant distance, helping you avoid your emotional attachments, while also providing you with the right setting to recover from.

Your recovery setting can influence your ability to focus, which we take very seriously via residential rehab.

Combined together, these benefits will ease and elevate your addiction recovery journey, helping you return to Margate with the opportunity to pursue long-term recovery.


Addiction treatment services at Cassiobury Court

Our addiction treatment services at Cassiobury Court drive rehab journeys for our clients. Through personal recommendations, each client will have a structure of treatment services to complete, coinciding with key milestones of addiction recovery.

For example, most clients will complete a drug and alcohol detox programme with the aim to reach physical withdrawal. From here, therapeutic treatment services, such as stress management, cognitive behavioural therapy and counselling will be recommended to reach the milestone of cognitive restoration.

Relapse prevention planning will also be encouraged to achieve an easier transition back to Margate, aiming for reduced relapse risks.

Down to our aim of offering personalised rehab programmes, exact recommendations will not be provided up until your rehab admission.

Yet, as soon as you’ve entered our rehab clinic, your advancement through addiction treatment will begin.

Once you’re ready to recover, on physical and psychological levels, you’ll be ready to benefit from drug and alcohol rehab. Whether that’s via a drug and alcohol rehab in Margate, or residential rehab, the decision is up to you.

Yet, for greater privacy, for a standard of personalisation, and a positive encounter with rehab, select Cassiobury Court.

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