Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Tunbridge Wells

If you live in or near Royal Tunbridge Wells Cassiobury Court can help you or a family member recover from an addiction in our leading rehabilitation centre.

Rehab Tunbridge Wells

Private rehab does usually influence a mixed bag of responses. For some, it is, unfortunately, an unrealistic step, or an unnecessary one at that, where alternative forms of addiction treatment will be sufficing.

However, for others, investing in a private drug and alcohol rehab in Tunbridge Wells will be the best decision they make, down to the reliability and viability of such a recovery route.

Which is it for you? Or do you feel like you need further insight to deliberate on the investment of professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation services?

If so, at Cassiobury Court, we’re here to offer transparent information around the expectations of private rehab.

Standing as a private and specialist drug and alcohol treatment centre, in fact, located conveniently for local residents, we vouch for the value of such standards and quality.

See how you can benefit from private rehab by viewing our Q&A below, or alternatively contact our team for a personal referral.



How worthwhile is private rehab and its cost?

Private rehab is worthwhile if you invest yourself. You will need to invest financially, which is paired with an equal investment of time and effort, you can expect a worthwhile return.

For one week of private rehabilitation, our prices start at £3500, depending on the rehab centre you stay in and the length of stay. For this, you will get 24-hour care from experienced medical professionals.

The standards of private rehab do outshine other rehabilitation routes. From the urgency of admissions and the consistency of addiction treatment to offering treatment on a personal scale, greater assurance and safety are attached to private rehab.

Pair this offering with the privacy of a reputable treatment centre, and you can recover safely and comfortably while excelling through the structure of drug and alcohol rehab.

It’s also important to remember that budgets are workable, especially here at Cassiobury Court. We will consider your budget and how much support you require to make private rehab an accessible and worthwhile experience.

This may also be the case via a drug and alcohol rehab. Yet you may find that pairing private and residential rehab together may benefit you best from our centre.


Can I access such value via a drug and alcohol rehab in Tunbridge Wells?

Yes, it’s likely that you will find a private drug and alcohol rehab which promotes the nature of private addiction recovery journeys.

We are however located outside of the area, to pair together both private and residential rehab experiences for our clients.

You can encounter the benefits of private rehab, along with residing from our homely and luxury treatment centre, to experience consistent streams of support and addiction treatment.

Standing as an efficient form of rehab, you can look to feel safe, to feel settled and to feel armed with the settings and resources to tackle your drug and alcohol addiction.


What are the key stepping stones of rehab?

In order to overcome physical and psychological addiction, key stepping stones will need to be worked through. The first is drug and alcohol withdrawal, which highlights your personal ability to detox from such substances.

Safely through a medical detox will be the best way, available here at Cassiobury Court.

Next up, you’ll work towards psychological restoration and recovery, to diminish the mental connections you have with drugs and alcohol. This can be the hardest step for most clients, requiring the greatest level of therapy and restorative efforts.

A further stepping stone focuses on relapse prevention, where you’ll learn to prevent drug and alcohol exposure and its impacts. Planning will take place through our rehab offering to help you feel secure with positive coping strategies.

The final milestone will focus on your post-rehab transition, where aftercare will be available to you. Tested on your return to Tunbridge Wells, and to a sense of normality, the stepping stone of long-term recovery will be worked towards to secure sobriety as a sustainable goal.

Such stepping stones may currently feel difficult to work towards. Yet with our support and guidance, you can work through drug and alcohol rehabilitation like many of our clients.



A key part of any rehab programme is the detoxification you must work through upon arrival. As each client who suffers from addiction may have different needs from a personal perspective, detox can take a varying amount of time.

For most clients, detox will last a few days; for others, detox can take over one week. During this period, you will face a range of withdrawal symptoms that can make it a very uncomfortable period for most people.

When you go through detox at Cassiobury Court, you will be assisted all the way by our medical and mental health workers. We will provide medical assistance where necessary to clients relieving any physical or mental distress they face during this period.

You or a loved one will be regularly checked by our registered nurses, who are very experienced in seeing people through detoxification. In addition, our psychiatrists and mental health support workers regularly schedule checkups to ensure you are in a good frame of mind as you continue the process.

Meet The Team

Meet a selection of our team, including GP’S, Counsellors, Psychiatrists and Addiction Support Workers. We work together at Cassiobury Court to see you through a safe detox and full rehabilitative programme.

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    Raffa Bari

    CQC Registered Manager

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    Dr Mosun

    Consultant Psychiatrist and Addictions Specialist

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    Dr Ola Otulana

    GP and Addiction Specialist Physician

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    Alison Hipwell

    Deputy Manager (Operations Officer)

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    Jane Pearce

    Deputy Manager (Clinical Lead)

Addictions We Treat

We deliver leading addiction treatment in the UK for various drug and alcohol addictions. You may be addicted to very strong larger or vodka and need alcohol rehab, or even addicted to cocaine or prescription drugs and need drug rehabilitation.

Our multi-disciplined team work together to deliver a tailored treatment plan that takes into consideration your physical and mental situation, alongside the drug you have become addicted to and the length of time your addiction has been present. Drug Addictions we treat include:

  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Cocaine Addiction
  • Heroin Addiction
  • Cannabis Addiction
  • Prescription Drug Addiction
  • Amphetamine Addiction
  • Fentanyl Addiction
  • Opioid Addiction


How quickly can I recover via private rehab?

Private rehab will offer the most efficient platform for addiction recovery. This is down to the quality and intensity of support and addiction treatment.

Usually, a rehab programme will last around 28 days here at Cassiobury Court, which can help you over the key stepping stones, towards long-term recovery.

Selecting our rehab clinic will secure such a timescale for you, as you’ll be removed from all distractions and potential triggers. We cannot guarantee such efficiency via a drug and alcohol rehab in Tunbridge Wells as you may feel distracted or influenced, depending on your personal triggers.

It’s important to remember that the quality of your recovery is greater than the speed, meaning that we will aim for sustainability, rather than urgency.

However, you can still look to reach initial recovery efficiently by committing to private and residential rehab.


Will I need further treatment after rehab?

Down to the nature of long-term recovery, you may require exposure to aftercare services that can offer further treatment. This isn’t definite, as some clients can cope through independent recovery without ongoing treatment.

It will all depend on how you respond to rehab and to your return home. If you do require further treatment, remember that this will strengthen your recovery capabilities and help to secure sobriety for you.

Available through private rehab, you can access ongoing treatment, if need be, on a personal level, to continue your recovery journey. It is encouraged post rehab that you use regular alcoholics anonymous meetings or narcotics anonymous meetings. Here you can also meet a sponsor who can be a great sounding board, and after developing a close relationship become a valuable asset to you long term.

Private rehab isn’t for everyone. But it may be for you, depending on your outlook and recovery goals.

We can facilitate this for you at Cassiobury Court, or if required, you can look to visit a drug and alcohol rehab.

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