Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Sussex

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Sussex

Cassiobury Court Group offers alcohol and drug rehabilitation services for people living in West and East Sussex. This service is ideal for people living in the South East of England. Treatment takes place at our state-of-the-art residential rehabilitation centre nestled away in a remote rural location. Here, clients receive a high-end rehabilitation service. Our focus on luxury extends to accommodation, treatment and after-care. We employ a highly qualified and multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses and therapists. This ensures you or your loved one’s addiction is dealt with in a fast and effective manner.

About our treatments in Sussex

Cassiobury Court Group has treated drug and alcohol addiction for many years. Over these years, our core addiction treatment has continued to evolve. Our proven treatment programme focuses on an initial medically assisted detox followed by an intense regime of innovative therapeutic treatments.
When you first attend our modern rehabilitation centre, you receive a thorough medical examination conducted by one of our approved psychiatrists. The psychiatrist typically prescribes one of many medications that help you navigate the detoxification process without suffering potentially life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.
During detoxification, you also begin to explore therapeutic treatments designed to neutralise the psychological causes of drug and alcohol addiction. These treatments include group therapy, 1-on-1 therapy, CBT, psychotherapy, nutrition, neurobiology and family therapy. Combined, these therapies help you discover your ‘triggers’ of drug and alcohol addiction. Triggers refer to stimuli that encourage your addiction. Becoming consciously aware of these triggers helps you overcome these urges to drink or use drugs by recognising these triggers for what they are.

About our commitment to aftercare

Cassiobury Court offers an abstinence-based approach to addiction treatment. For this reason, we offer each client an entire year’s worth of weekly aftercare sessions following the completion of inclient treatment. These aftercare sessions allow our clients to return to our rehab centre every Saturday or Sunday for an additional twelve months following the completion of inclient treatment. At Cassiobury Court, we believe after-care sessions help our clients remain in recovery for the unforeseeable future.

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