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At Cassiobury Court we offer drug and alcohol addiction treatment for people in Mitcham at our leading rehab centre – learn more by getting in touch with our expert recovery team. Call up 0800 001 4070 to achieve long term recovery.

Rehab Treatment in Mitcham
Drug and Alcohol Centres in Mitcham

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Mitcham

When it comes to drug and alcohol addictions, it’s not always easy for you to get the help you need. However, we are here to help you get started with your recovery journey today. Our team of friendly, experienced staff are on hand to help you with getting the help you need to overcome your addiction today.

We can help to support you every step of the way and can provide a wide range of resources and extensive drug and alcohol rehab programmes in Mitcham. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you with your recovery journey today – call 0800 001 407.


What is Rehab Like?

When it comes to private drug rehab, your first step in the recovery process is usually the detox plan. You will need to detox before you can move on to your further treatments.

During the alcohol and drug detox process, you will be monitored closely by medical professionals. This is because the withdrawal symptoms can often be quite severe and sometimes even dangerous. The withdrawals will usually depend on the seriousness of the addiction and the type of substance in question. In some cases, you may be offered medications to help get you through the worst of your withdrawals.

After you finish your detox plan, you will then go through a range of counselling and therapy sessions. This will help you to get through all of the mental aspects of your addiction. During this time, you will be encouraged to look into the psychological triggers of your addiction. This can come in the form of one-to-one therapy sessions or group therapy sessions.

You will receive a range of modern therapy techniques that are proven to have great success such as cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectal behavioural therapy.

The treatments you receive in Mitcham rehab are personalised depending on your circumstances. This gives you the best possible chance of making a complete and full recovery from your addiction. The treatments in rehab will allow you to understand your addiction much better, learn how your addiction formed, and will also help you come up with some great coping mechanisms which will help to ensure you avoid relapsing in the future.


How Do I Know If I Need a Rehab Treatment?

Addictions of any kind can be very dangerous and harmful and are linked to many illnesses and health problems. They can also have huge terrible effects on your relationships, your career, and many other different aspects of your life.

Alcohol and drug addictions are defined as a strong compulsion to continue abusing substances regardless of any of the negative consequences that may come with the addiction. Many people struggle with addictions every day and will also struggle with the consequences. However, they will find themselves powerless and unable to stop.

This is mostly due to the changes within the brain. Addictions can affect the way your brain works and this can make it very difficult for you to tackle your addiction on your own.

If you are wondering if you need rehab for your addiction, take a look at the statements below and see if any of them resonate with you. These are all clear signs that you have an addiction and that you need to get help.

  • Using substances more frequently
  • Needing to consume more of the substance in order to get the same effect
  • Continuing to use drugs or drink alcohol despite the negative effects
  • Feel ill when you don’t use drugs or drink alcohol
  • Avoiding certain social situations where you can’t consume substances
  • Feeling anxious about where you’ll get your next fix
  • Using drugs or alcohol in dangerous situations
  • Becoming secretive or defensive about your substance abuse
  • Trying and failing to reduce your consumption or quit the consumption

If you are worried about your substance abuse, get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you.


Why Should You Choose Private Residential Rehab Mitcham?

Private residential rehab has been proven time and time again as being the best possible way to overcome an addiction. When you attend a private rehab facility in Mitcham for your recovery treatment, you will be taken away from all of your usual stresses, temptations, and triggers. This means that you will be much less likely to relapse and you can focus completely on your recovery.

During your detox stage, you will be surrounded by medical professionals. Rehab is by far the safest place for your to go through your detox process as you will have access to around-the-clock care and support from trained professionals. This means that you can achieve a safe and comfortable drug or alcohol detox.

In a residential rehab setting, you will be in a safe and relaxing environment where you are far away from your triggers. This gives you the space you need to completely focus on your recovery. You will also have access to world-class treatments which give you the best chances of succeeding with your recovery.

You will get a personalised treatment plan which is bespoke according to your personal needs and circumstances. By receiving a personalised treatment plan, you will have the best chance of making a successful recovery from your addiction in Mitcham.


Get Help For Your Addiction Today

Are you currently struggling with addiction in the Mitcham area? It’s important that you know that there is help out there for you and that recovery is completely possible. No matter how severe or mild your addiction may seem, residential rehab is always the best option for you to get over your addiction.

If you feel like you are ready to tackle your addiction head-on, it is important to reach out to us as soon as possible. The longer you leave your addiction untreated, the worse the problems will become.

Reach out to us today and our friendly, helpful team will be happy to give you the advice you need and answer any questions that you may have so that you can get started on your recovery journey sooner rather than later. We can help residents living in Mitcham and the surrounding areas such as Morden and Merton achieve recovery. Call us on 0800 001 4070 or text HELP to 83222. You can also fill out our contact form.


Frequently Asked Questions

As we mentioned, all of our treatment programmes are personalised, however, one of our highly recommended treatments for most people is a drug or alcohol detox. By gradually reducing your consumption of alcohol or drugs, a medically assisted detoxification can safely remove your physical connection to the substance giving your body and your mind the opportunity to cleanse from these harmful toxins. This process will likely result in some withdrawal symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, mild nausea, insomnia, seizures, or delirium tremens (the DT’s) which will be managed by our medical team.

Yes, you are permitted to bring your mobile phone with you to our drug and alcohol rehab Bethnal Green. We do provide free Wi-Fi; however, the use of your phone is not permitted during your therapy sessions. During your downtime, we encourage you to keep in touch with your friends and family, although we do ask that you refrain from taking calls in communal areas and adhere to our confidentiality and social media policy at all times.

Again, this can vary depending on the severity of your drug or alcohol addiction and which treatments you require. However, residential rehab typically takes around 28 days to complete, which is then followed by a structured aftercare plan for 12 months.

Raffa Bari

Raffa Bari - Author

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Raffa manages the day to day caring services here at Cassiobury Court. Dedicated to the treatment and well being of our visitors she is an outstanding mental health coach registered with BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists). Raffa has outstanding experience in managing rehabs across the country and is vastly experienced at helping people recover from drug and alcohol addictions.

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