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Drug and alcohol addiction can only truly be overcome if you remove both the physical dependency upon the substance as well as the mental attachment to the substance. Attempts to break free from the cycle of addiction without professional assistance are rarely successful. This is because you will need a trained medical professional/therapist to help administer the necessary physiological treatments necessary to overcome your addiction.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Beckenham

While a lot of emphasis can be placed upon the physical act of getting clean, removing your brain’s attachment to substance abuse is integral to long-term recovery. Here at Cassiobury Court’s drug and alcohol rehab in Beckenham, you will experience the intensive, much-needed physical and psychological addiction treatments which will get you clean and keep you clean.

Ideally located for residents looking for drug and alcohol treatment in London, we are a Quality Care Commission registered private drug rehab with a professional highly skilled team. Each individual is placed on a tailored programme to ensure your long term recovery.

At Cassiobury Court’s residential drug and alcohol treatment services, you will undergo medically assisted detoxification, relapse prevention planning, one-to-one and group therapy/treatment sessions, and a one-year aftercare programme to help you with post-rehab life. If you want to craft a life of newfound sobriety, then you need to be prepared to make serious, life-altering changes to your life — and Cassiobury Court can help you to achieve that.



Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment Options

There are two main types of addiction treatment in the United Kingdom, inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment is where you will remain at home and attend occasional addiction treatment sessions throughout the week. While this is a much cheaper option in most cases, it is far less effective than inpatient treatment as relapse rates are incredibly high.

Inpatient treatment is where you reside at the treatment centre for the duration of an intensive treatment programme. Here at Cassiobury Court, we will strongly recommend this option for most people as the recovery rates are far higher. This is due to the fact that you can commit yourself wholeheartedly to your recovery. When you are detached from your home life, it is easier to reflect upon the aspects that you need to change. Furthermore, you will not have access to drugs and/or narcotics while you are at our facility.

Drugs we treat for in the London area;




Cassiobury Court’s residential rehabilitation centre boasts state-of-the-art resources, such as an alcohol detox clinic and industry-leading medical professionals, as well as private ensuite rooms for you to enjoy throughout your stay. Three home-cooked meals will be provided for you each day, and our housekeeping staff will take care of your day-to-day needs.


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Experience Both Physical And Psychological Therapy Options

Here at Cassiobury Court, we will heal your body and your mind. Physical treatment will largely take the form of medically assisted detox at our detox clinic. This will consist of monitoring and treating any of the withdrawal side effects that you experience during the detoxification process. Other physical treatments may include acupuncture, massage therapy, art therapy, dance therapy, and exercise therapy.

Once your body is clean of all negative substances, we will begin to treat your mind. Psychological treatments will come in the forms of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), DBT (dialectical behavioural therapy, grief and trauma counselling, group counselling and therapy, dual-diagnosis therapy, and much more.

Over the course of your psychological treatments, you will delve into the initial cause of your substance abuse. Once you are more fully aware of the reasons behind your substance abuse, you will then be able to better confront it.


Alcohol Rehab Beckenham

If you need to find alcohol rehab in Beckenham, our rehab is just a short drive to North London. We are highly experienced in the treatment of chronic alcohol disorders, and most of our clients are suffering from alcohol addiction.

We provide a personal rehab programme for each client, but in terms of alcohol rehabilitation, the 1st steps you must take will be on our detox wing. Here you will be fully monitored and go through a medically assisted detox. This simply means we will prescribe you drugs used in the treatment of alcohol addiction, these will lessen your withdrawal symptoms if they become severe, and you will have a full medical team to guide you through the process.


Cocaine Treatment Beckenham

Cocaine addiction is a serious problem for users; people most often become addicted to cocaine in a powder or smoke through a pipe in what is referred to as “crack” cocaine.

Highly addictive, cocaine abuse can result in some serious health problems for users and a stay in rehab like Cassiobury Court may be necessary if you can not quit the substance in Beckenham.

Detoxification from cocaine can vary in length, but it is usually accomplished within a week. From here, our clients will undergo intensive therapy as the urge to take cocaine again can be quite strong, this is where full-time specialist help in a rehab centre provides benefits.

You will be in a drug-free environment during your stay here, and all the triggers you will have been accustomed to will be removed. Our therapists and counsellors will work with you on a daily basis and use best-practice techniques and medications for the treatment of cocaine addiction.


Cannabis Rehab Beckenham

Cannabis is the most widely used drug in the UK and is easily available in Beckenham and most towns and cities across the land. Cannabis has been research does suggest people who use cannabis over a long period of time are more respectable to serious mental health conditions.

With the onset of new types of cannabis on the market, such as spice, these synthetic cannabinoids are also an increasing problem in the UK. If you or a family member are developing issues due to ongoing cannabis use, our team can help you on the path to recovery.

Our fully tailored cannabis rehabilitation programs include detoxification and personalised therapy. We will pay particular attention to your mental health through this period and give you the right tools to finally stop smoking weed in the long term.


Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Beckenham

Prescription drugs such as Codeine, Morphine and other Opioids can be very addictive. Many people often start a prescription drug addiction by accident. You may have been taking a drug for back pain, to help you sleep or for depression administered by your GP in Beckenham. But prolonged use of these drugs can often overtake the issue they were intended to treat, and an addiction can develop.

At Cassiobury Court, our onsite GP will give you a full health check and working with our rehabilitation team, a package will be developed to help you through this addiction.

When we treat prescription drug addiction, we take a holistic approach as the prescription drug may have been used to “treat” something you have an issue with. Our team will look for alternative remedies and solutions as you work through a programme designed around your specific mental and physical status.


We Provide The Best Relapse Prevention & Aftercare

Throughout the duration of your psychological treatment, you will also experience relapse prevention planning. As the name suggests, this is a form of treatment that will help you to identify when you may be at risk of relapse and find healthier alternatives to resorting to substance abuse. Primarily, this relapse prevention training will come in most useful when you return to your home after completing your treatment.

In order to make even more certain that you are ready to make the adjustment back into real life, we will provide you with access to our complimentary year-long aftercare programme. This will mean that you can reach out to us for assistance and invaluable resources whenever you feel that you may be getting overwhelmed — or simply when you need someone to talk to.


Find A Rehab In Beckenham Near You

Cassiobury Court has an incredibly quick and easy admission process which you can start today simply by calling our helpline on 0800 001 4070 or by texting HELP to 83222. We will not leave you on a long, drawn-out waiting list, we will get you the best possible treatment in no time at all.

Support groups have played a large part in most, if not all, professional addiction treatment programmes for years now. This is because there can be no doubting how integral they are to the process of recovery. Support groups help you to create your own network of like-minded individuals, united with the common goal of staying sober. Not only can this network help you when you’re feeling vulnerable, but hearing successful sobriety stories from others can be a great source of inspiration when you need it most.

Medically assisted detox is a course of physical addiction treatment by which withdrawal symptoms are monitored and managed by trained professionals. Cassiobury Court administer this treatment at our rehabilitation centres detox clinic. During your treatment, any alcohol withdrawal and/or substance abuse withdrawal symptoms that you present with will be carefully managed with medication. The medication that you receive during this treatment will also depend on what addiction it is that you are overcoming.

Rehab programmes can vary from the treatment plan to treatment plan, often due to the fact that some people opt for inpatient and some people opt for outpatient. However, the majority of the inpatient treatment plans that we provide here at Cassiobury Court typically last for around 28 days. This might seem like quite a long time to be with us, but the time will fly by.

Raffa Bari

Raffa Bari - Author

CQC Registered Manager

Raffa manages the day to day caring services here at Cassiobury Court. Dedicated to the treatment and well being of our visitors she is an outstanding mental health coach registered with BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists). Raffa has outstanding experience in managing rehabs across the country and is vastly experienced at helping people recover from drug and alcohol addictions.

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