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Alcohol Rehab Bexley

Millions of people all over the world are struggling with addiction. It’s an illness that does not discriminate, and can affect anyone in the world. It’s a devastating disease that can ruin lives, but thankfully, it can be stopped. There is a chance that you are reading this right now because you have been struggling with addiction. Whether it be drugs or alcohol, you made the right decision to look up what addiction does to people. And that’s already a step in the right direction.

Acknowledging a problem exists is the hardest part. You might look back on decisions you made under the influence of alcohol. Or you’re worried how often you take drugs or alcohol. It’s subjective, but once you realise you have a problem with addiction, the next step is to request or search for a form of Drug and Alcohol treatment.

Luckily, there are many opportunities in the UK for people who suffer from addictions. At Cassiobury Court,  we can offer you Alcohol Rehab Bexley in case you’re looking for Alcohol treatment. We also provide many locations around the UK including rehab centres in London, Greater London and the South East.

How Do I Know If I Need Alcohol Rehab Bexley?

Alcohol addiction is serious and can kill. However, the way alcohol addiction works is that many addicts often do not even consider themselves addicted to alcohol – as the process of addiction hijacks your brain and completely alters the way you think about your alcohol intake.

When you drink alcohol, you feel pleasure and negative emotions are suppressed through the release of the chemical dopamine in your brain. This feeling often draws people who might be experiencing a wave of negative emotions, suffering from depression or from mental health issues in that case. After a while, your brain becomes so used to alcohol being the main provider of your feelings of happiness – that it becomes extra difficult to quit drinking. You just see it as self medication.

Many people still consider an addiction as a weakness and convince themselves that they are not an addict. Addiction is still a stigma and fear of being seen as a weak addict by others still leads to a denial of the problem. If you feel that you might be addicted, taking the step and calling our drug rehab Bexley office.

What do we offer at Alcohol Rehab Bexley?

The first treatment that most clinics will offer is drug or alcohol detox. It means that your body is ridding itself from the drugs or alcohol in your bloodstream. This is mostly done by your liver, which breaks the alcohol or drugs in your body down. You’ll have to stop drinking alcohol and taking drugs for a few days, or even less to get it out of your system.

What happens after, is behavioural counselling. There is a therapist in most of the clinics available for drug and alcohol treatment. Often times, therapists and psychologists will help you understand your behaviour better, and help you identify moments where you start relapsing or craving alcohol or drugs. Psychologists could also find co-existing mental health issues during your behavioural evaluation. You might have been suffering from depression or bipolar disorder, which could have been the reason for your alcohol and/or drug abuse and subsequent alcohol and drugs issue

There are other methods. This could include taking medication like Disulfram. This medication will make you nauseous once you take alcohol, to deter you from drinking in the future. Or Naltrexone, which helps you control your cravings for alcohol and drugs.

Drugs we treat for in the London area;




There are many ways to end your suffering from alcohol abuse. For more information on where to find a free clinic, visit the NHS website. However, the waiting lists are long and we would advise you to pick your battles. Join Cassiobury Court today for Alcohol Rehab Bexley.

See information about our detox services offered in the London area here.

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