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Although addiction cannot be cured, it’s a highly treatable condition with the right support. Treatment can help to reduce and control initial symptoms, cravings and influences of drug and alcohol abuse.

A comprehensive programme can also offer the tools to manage addiction for the long term, whilst leading a fulfilled life.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Tower Hamlets

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Tower Hamlets

To access proven treatment services, visiting or checking into a drug and alcohol rehab in Tower Hamlets will be encouraged. Offering the standards of CQC regulated care and treatment, safe and effective recommendations are expected.

Possible to complete through outpatient drug rehab and inpatient rehab, treatments and therapies are very important parts of the recovery process.

Spread out across rehab itself, and following on with aftercare, a wide range of suitable, effective, and holistic therapies can be experienced here at Cassiobury Court.

To select a treatment plan, bespoke for your individual needs, reach out to our team.


How to treat a drug and alcohol addiction?

Addiction treatment will unfold differently for every person. Some will require more treatment than others, or a specific type, to treat symptoms and additional issues.

The average addiction can be treated to a point of sobriety. This will involve the completion of treatments and therapies which help to motivate physical and psychological healing.

Physical healing is achievable by completing a detoxification process. Detoxing helps to treat addiction by eliminating drugs and alcohol from the picture. It promotes withdrawal, which helps the body stabilise at a safe pace.

Psychological healing is fulfilled by completing a range of talking therapies and holistic treatments. Talking therapies help to understand emotions and change outlooks. Holistic treatments offer balance, improved wellbeing, and mental health.

Common treatments and therapies which are effective include cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management, sleep management, group therapy, family therapy and mental health treatments.

Sobriety can be achieved up to this point. Yet to remain sober post-rehab, additional treatments are included within the process. Relapse prevention planning is included, helping to understand and prevent relapse.

Lifestyle management is also effective, helping to normalise a drug and alcohol-free routine. Aftercare is a follow-on service that also helps to treat addiction for the long term.

Treatment can help manage addiction for the future, by providing coping tools and techniques. High-quality services, to reach this milestone will be available via private alcohol or drug rehab.


Finding treatment in Tower Hamlets

Addiction treatment will be available locally through a drug and alcohol rehab in Tower Hamlets. It will be available through inpatient and outpatient forms to flexibly work around your needs and lifestyle.

In Tower Hamlets itself, treatment will also be accessible through the NHS and local drug and alcohol detox clinics. Although withdrawal is common through both treatment options, full recovery is a challenging goal to achieve.

Both offer generic recovery pathways, treating the average addiction. Here at Cassiobury Court, we appreciate how unpredictable addiction is, requiring bespoke treatment programmes.

By selecting either inpatient or outpatient treatment, high-quality, personalised services can be completed. Not only will this approach help you access treatment at a rapid pace, but it will also offer a safe and progressive recovery journey.

A CQC registered rehab clinic will follow this approach, whilst making use of proven treatments and therapies. Access treatment by completing our admissions process.


What happens through inpatient rehab?

Although treatments can be worked through via inpatient and outpatient rehab, residential programmes are the most effective. By checking into a rehab clinic, for 28 days, an intense, safe, and the highly personal programme can be completed.

Continuously supported by medical teams and addiction specialists, a wide range of treatments and therapies can be worked through on a daily basis.

Over the 4 weeks, great progress can be made, with the aim to diminish unhealthy habits, outlooks and behaviours linked to drug and alcohol abuse. Within that time, healthy choices and routines can be formed to reduce relapse risks.

By residing in rehab, you can expect to experience a safe haven, equipped for your stay. You’ll have everything you need to comfortably recover, whilst also improving your wellbeing and quality of life.

Our inpatient rehab programmes offer all-around healing opportunities. A fulfilled life can be experienced whilst managing long-term recovery, which our programmes help to secure.

Inpatient rehab is highly effective as it prioritises your recovery journey. If you have the time to dedicate yourself, sobriety milestones can be aimed for. Understandably, you may be struggling with timings, which can be resolved by completing an outpatient programme.


Local aftercare options

Aftercare is offered to all of our clients here at Cassiobury Court. It’s found to alleviate some of the potential obstacles linked to initial recovery. It’s also very effective when reducing relapse risks, by offering a structured routine to follow.

It’s offered for 12 months and will be available to you in Tower Hamlets. Support options mainly surround group therapy and one-to-one sessions, along with a focus on relapse prevention planning.

Aftercare support is a proven part of addiction treatment and helps to strengthen long-term recovery pathways.

Overcome your addiction by accessing available treatment and support here at Cassiobury Court London. Sessions will be immediately available to get you started on drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Rehab journeys will vary for each client here at Cassiobury Court. We tailor our treatment programmes to the individual circumstances of each person to offer comfort and suitability.

You can however expect leading support, access to recovery designed facilities, the completion of proven treatment services and free aftercare as a follow-on.

It’s a recovery motivating process which helps to heal the body and mind, whilst preparing both for a fulfilled life.

The average inpatient rehab programme will last 28 days. This is an efficient timeframe to diminish any unhealthy habits, whilst focusing on healthy goals and routines. By checking into a drug and alcohol rehab in Tower Hamlets, you’ll have everything to recover within this timeframe.

An outpatient rehab programme typically lasts over a number of months, as weekly treatment sessions are offered. By residing at home, visits to rehab will be arranged to complete a schedule of addiction treatment. For some, the longer timespan can be difficult to experience, yet for others, it’s workable into everyday life.

Raffa Bari

Raffa Bari - Author

CQC Registered Manager

Raffa manages the day to day caring services here at Cassiobury Court. Dedicated to the treatment and well being of our visitors she is an outstanding mental health coach registered with BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists). Raffa has outstanding experience in managing rehabs across the country and is vastly experienced at helping people recover from drug and alcohol addictions.

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