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Taking the first step towards recovery can be one of the hardest when considering the comprehensive process of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Reaching out for support, recognising that there is a problem, and pausing life to experience rehab can carry many emotional challenges.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In Ealing

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Ealing

At Cassiobury Court, we understand how tough it can be to digest the necessity of rehab, it’s in fact, a necessity to complete, in order to recover.

As getting started is tough, we’re here to offer some guidance, some motivation and some encouragement, to help you reach a point where rehab is an indefinite commitment for you.

Alongside our specialist insight, we can also facilitate your recovery journey, especially if you are looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Ealing or the surrounding area.

Offering comprehensive drug rehab programmes, on a residential basis, your next step will define your admission into rehab, your commitment to change, and your opportunity to truly detach from drugs and alcohol.

Again, we understand how emotional this process can be, how tough it can be for those around you, and how daunting opening up to strangers can be. We are here for you and your support network, no matter who you are, no matter your addiction history, and no matter your reasons for recovering.


Taking to first step towards recovery

Right now, you may be living in denial, hiding away from loved ones, or feel disappointed in yourself, where you’re finding it hard to acknowledge your drug and alcohol dependence. At some point throughout your fixation on drugs and alcohol, there’s a chance that you may experience such self-sabotage emotions.

While extremely tough to process, it is however important that you can also think rationally, see the bigger picture of ongoing drug and alcohol abuse, and consider a degree of change.

Here’s where the first step towards recovery will define itself, in the moment that you say enough is enough, no matter how challenging it may be. If you approach us alone, without support, rehab can help you.

If you approach us with a dual diagnosis, rehab can help you. If you approach us with a chronic drug and alcohol addiction, rehab can help you. If you even approach us while living in a degree of denial, rehab can help you.

Rehab is a universal recovery process yet has the flexibility to fit the needs of each client. We follow this approach, here to help you through drug and alcohol rehabilitation. No matter your past, no matter how drugs and alcohol may currently drive you, by stepping forward, you can change your future.


Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Ealing

Committing to rehab is the most effective and reliable way that you can acknowledge your problems, forgive yourself, withdraw from drugs and alcohol, and rebuild your life. It offers a comprehensive process, which focuses on elevating your physical and psychological wellbeing, strength and resilience.

Luckily for you, if you’re looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Ealing, we are closely located, offering a convenient and comfortable admission. However, there’s also another benefit linked to our residential rehab offering, which stands as distance.

As we’re set in Watford, the pressures that you may currently be facing can be alleviated, as you spend some personal time, privately through rehab, focusing on your recovery.

This form of rehab is the most beneficial, where you can experience the mix of both localised and residential rehab. Not only will it provide a quality opportunity of focus, but it will also help your commitment, your confidence to step forward, and your capabilities to recover holistically.

Drugs we provide treatment for in the London area;





Cocaine rehab in Ealing

Cocaine addiction requires specialist treatment to overcome, especially if you experience withdrawal symptoms and strong cravings when you stop consumption. Our cocaine rehab programme helps people suffering from cocaine addiction recover with medical support.

The first stage is cocaine withdrawal, where you will manage psychological cravings with the support of our medical professionals. Insomnia, anxiety and cravings are the most common symptoms of withdrawal and can make recovery difficult. This is why private rehab is so beneficial for recovery.

Addiction treatments are then provided to help you overcome your addiction for good. Therapies include group therapy, one to one counselling, relapse prevention and CBT.


Cannabis rehab in Ealing

At Cassiobury Court, we offer cannabis rehab treatment for people who are dependent on cannabis. Although it is widely believed to be non-addictive, cannabis can become psychologically addictive and some people develop a dependence on the drug to help them sleep and function normally.

The first stage of cannabis rehab is the withdrawal phase to break your dependence. Once this has ended, addiction treatments are offered such as talking therapies and holistic therapies to help you maintain recovery.

Therapy session in a drug and alcohol rehab Ealing


Prescription drug rehab in Ealing

Prescription drug addiction can be extremely dangerous and requires professional treatment to recover from safely. Severe withdrawal symptoms such as seizures, stroke, and post acute withdrawal symptom can occur during the detox process, which is why 24/7 medical support is so beneficial for your health and safety.

During the prescription drug detox process, you will be prescribed medications to help you manage withdrawals and be as comfortable as possible throughout the process. Our recovery workers will monitor your progress and offer advice and support throughout.

Psychological therapies are then offered to treat the mental element of addiction and help you avoid relapses in the future once you return home after rehab in Ealing.


Alcohol rehab in Ealing

For people who struggle with severe alcohol addiction, withdrawal symptoms make it extremely difficult to stop consumption and achieve recovery alone. Home detox can be very dangerous, especially for people with a long addiction history, and going cold turkey is often unsuccessful without medical support.

Our alcohol detox programme at Cassiobury Court helps people overcome alcohol abuse for good. Typically lasting 5-7 days, the detox phase of rehab is the hardest but is made easier with the support of peers and recovery workers in our residential rehab.

Paired with rehab treatments including CBT, talking therapies, mindfulness therapies and more, you have the best chance at staying sober long term in Ealing after you have completed an alcohol rehab programme with us.


Pros and Cons of Private Rehab

  • 24/7 support from recovery workers
  • Leading addiction therapies
  • Free aftercare for a year in Ealing
  • Catering and nutritional meals
  • More expensive form of treatment
  • Rehab is located a short distance away
  • Time off is required during treatment
  • Less contact with family and friends

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AA and NA meetings in Ealing

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Ealing

  • Ealing Candlelight & Kindness

Saturday 7:30 pm

Northfields Community Centre, 71A Northcroft Rd

  • Ealing Step

Wednesday 7:45 pm

The Parlour, Ealing Green Methodist Church, Ealing Green, W5 5QT

  • Hanwell

Thursday 8 pm

Church of Our Lady & St Joseph, 52 Uxbridge Rd, W7 3SU


Narcotics Anonymous Meetings in Ealing

  • Aramesh

Monday 7:30 pm

Haven Green Baptist Church, Haven Green, Ealing, W5 2UP

  • Friday Feeling in Ealing

Friday 7:30 pm

The polygon, Saint Mary’s Church, St Mary’s Road, Ealing, W5 5RH

  • Payam’e Omid

Thursday 7:30 pm

Haven Green Baptist Church, Haven Green, Ealing, W5 2UP


Investing yourself into treatment

The most significant part of rehab is treatment. Without treatment, it will be very difficult to recover on physical and psychological levels. With this in mind, if you select our drug and alcohol rehab in Ealing, you can expect to complete a rehab programme, full of quality addiction treatment services.

Investing yourself into this offering is extremely important, as your response to treatment will affect your ability to recover.

You’ll be exposed to alcohol detox services, helping you withdraw from drugs and alcohol, you’ll experience talking therapies to heal emotionally, you’ll complete the likes of cognitive behavioural therapy and stress management to work on your outlooks and coping strategies, and you’ll complete social treatment services to work on your triggers and exposure.

A wide mix will be recommended, yet personalised to meet your needs, helping to sustain your wellbeing, while also tackling your drug and alcohol addiction.

Alongside core addiction treatment services, you should also invest yourself in wellbeing sessions, relapse prevention planning, and all activities which will improve your quality of life.

See information about our detox services offered in the London area here.



Changing your life through sustainable lifestyle choices

Rehab is the first step towards long-term recovery. By completing rehab, you can build a strong foundation of positive habits, to avoid drug and alcohol exposure.

However, on return to life in Ealing, it of course can be tough to climatise back to your old routine, while overlooking the presence of drugs and alcohol. Down to such challenges, we will help you with lifestyle recommendations, where developing a sustainable routine will benefit you.

It is very important to think about your nutrition, your hobbies, your level of rest, your physical health, your mental health, your relationships, your self-awareness, your mindfulness and how you’re spending your time.

We will help you from all angles to ensure that you can feel confident with your post-rehab reality, armed with relapse prevention tools and a positive mindset.

It’s understandable if right now you’re struggling to see much light at the end of the tunnel. It’s also natural if you’re worried about rehab and feel scared about reaching out.

Yet please remember that we are here to help, that stepping outside of your comfort zone will benefit you, and that rehab is here to help change your life for the better.

If you’re open to visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Ealing, contact our team today. We’re here to offer guidance, expectations and transparent, confidential information about drug and alcohol rehabilitation services in London.

Raffa Bari

Raffa Bari - Author

CQC Registered Manager

Raffa manages the day to day caring services here at Cassiobury Court. Dedicated to the treatment and well being of our visitors she is an outstanding mental health coach registered with BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists). Raffa has outstanding experience in managing rehabs across the country and is vastly experienced at helping people recover from drug and alcohol addictions.

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