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A drug and alcohol rehab helps by freeing your body of the negative substances through detoxification. You will also work with professionals through various therapies to help you overcome your addiction.

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When entering rehab, you will be assessed by medical professionals who will come up with a tailor-made treatment programme to suit you and your recovery needs. After the assessment, you will go through a drugs and alcohol detox. This stage is where you rid your body of all the drugs and alcohol ready for the next stage of rehab. The detoxing stage can be highly dangerous as some withdrawals can be severe depending on how severe your addiction is. Therefore, you will be closely monitored by medical professionals who may give you medications to keep you comfortable and prevent severe withdrawals. It is dangerous to detox alone at home, therefore, rehab is the best place to receive help.


Treatments and Therapies

After detoxing, you will follow your treatment programme and go through a variety of therapies. Some therapies will be in a one-to-one setting. The one-to-one therapies will be behavioural talk therapies such a psychological therapy, counselling, Dialectal Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Behavioural talk therapies work well with preventing relapse in the future.

In your one-to-one therapies, you will learn everything there is to know about your addiction and yourself. You may work through traumas and any mental health problems. A dual diagnosis is when a person has been diagnosed with a mental health condition as well as an addiction. This is fairly common as many people suffering from mental health conditions will suffer from addiction in their lifetime.

Group therapies are another type of therapy that people find extremely helpful in rehab. In group therapy, you will have the chance to speak freely about your experience as an addict. Here, you will receive positive feedback and feel empowered as you embark upon your recovery journey with others in the same shoes as you.

There are a number of very relaxing and fun therapies that people enjoy in rehab. Some find hidden talents and some find new hobbies during these therapies. Some of those therapies are music, fitness, art, meditation and relaxation, yoga, nutrition and many more. Rehab is a positive place to be, despite the stigma around it. People often feel empowered and are surprised at what an uplifting place it is.


Do I Need to Fully Dedicate Myself to Rehab?

You must fully dedicate yourself to recovery in rehab in order to get better. It is important to comply with your treatment programme and you must take it seriously for your recovery to work. If you don’t take rehab seriously, you are likely to relapse. Therefore, you must really want to get better for it to work. If you do comply and dedicate yourself to your recovery, you will be less likely to relapse. You can have a new shot at a better life – a sober and more positive life. Rehab can be amazing and life-changing but, you must really want it.


What Happens After Leaving Rehab?

You may be wondering what happens when you leave rehab. The thought of entering rehab may be daunting, however, for some people, the thought of leaving is even more unnerving. The good news is that upon leaving rehab, you will be taken care of by our aftercare team.

Our aftercare team will help you with anything you need on the outside. If you need help finding a new job or finding accommodation, or if you need help finding a local support group or a local group for your new hobby, the aftercare team can help you. They may attend a support group with you or even just be on the other end of the phone for emotional support. Whatever you need, the aftercare team will help you. You will never have to go through recovery alone.

Some rehab programmes can be expensive. It’s difficult to determine exactly how long you will be in rehab and, therefore, it is also difficult to determine exactly how much it will cost you. However, rehab treatments are not expensive in comparison to the amount that your addiction costs you. Many addicts won’t even realise how much they’re spending to feed their addiction. So, when you consider these costs, plus the costs of your health, you may find that rehab treatments are not very expensive at all.

After rehab, you will be taken care of by an aftercare team who will assist you with your life outside of rehab. The aftercare team will help to support your emotional needs when leaving rehab and will help you to take the right path into your new life of sobriety. You may also attend local support groups to prevent future relapse.

There are a few things you can do to prepare for rehab. You may want to tell your employer and be honest about your situation. If they are a good boss, they will want you to get better and be willing to help you with the time off. If you have children or pets, you need to find care for them while you’re away. If you have bills, you may want to find a close friend or family member to help pay them while you’re in rehab so that you don’t have new debts and new things to worry about when you come out of rehab.

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