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Are you looking for a local rehab facility in Welling that can help you or a loved one with a drug and/or alcohol addiction? If so, we can help.

Our Greater London-based facility has been inspected and regulated by the CQC. We offer effective rehab programmes that aim to treat the root cause of an addiction through proven methods. Continue reading to find out exactly how we can help, or get in touch with our admissions team now to discuss more.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Welling

When you’re ready to address your drug or alcohol dependency, your initial thoughts may gravitate towards finding an appropriate drug and alcohol rehab in Welling. Like many, you might lean towards NHS support over private rehab.

This feeling is expected. However, it’s worth noting that NHS services sometimes mean long waiting times. In the face of addiction, time becomes increasingly crucial.

Delay in seeking treatment might exacerbate your addiction, causing several short and long-term complications.

Why Choose Cassiobury Court?

While searching for a drug and alcohol rehab that suits your needs, consider our private residential rehab. We cater to the residents of Welling and nearby areas like Bexleyheath.

Situated in Watford, our rehab offers instant support, guidance, and the essential treatment to defeat your addiction.

For a clearer understanding of our services at Cassiobury Court, we’ve highlighted several reasons you might choose us for your drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Our Treatment Programmes Are Tailored To Your Recovery Needs

At Cassiobury Court, we’re deeply committed to ensuring you can conquer your addiction and embrace a healthier, fulfilling, substance-free future. Recognising the unique factors that many individuals with addiction face, our treatment programmes will always be tailored to suit the needs of each individual.

Upon contacting us, our admissions team will conduct a phone pre-admissions assessment. This assessment gauges the severity of your addiction, its impact on your life, and any associated side effects.
This deep understanding helps us recommend potential treatments tailored to you.

Should you opt for our rehab services, our medical team will undertake a comprehensive admissions assessment upon your arrival.

This additional assessment fine-tunes your treatment programme, considering the specific ways your addiction has influenced your life, its associated side effects, and its severity.

Our Therapy Programmes Combine Learning, Counselling and Support

Recognising that drugs and alcohol often mask deeper-rooted issues, Cassiobury Court combines education, counselling, and support in our therapy programmes, helping individuals address and surmount the root causes of their dependencies.

Under our care, your individualised treatment will include both psychological and well-being therapies. The type of therapy is chosen based on your addiction’s particular challenges.

Regardless of the therapy employed, you’ll confront the root causes of your addiction. While challenging, it’s pivotal to understanding your addiction and forming coping mechanisms for sustained recovery.

Our therapy methods at Cassiobury Court range from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and motivational interviewing to stress management and relapse prevention. We also offer well-being therapies like therapeutic art, music therapy, acupuncture, and self-help.

Our Facilities Offer A Homely Ambiance

Starting a drug and alcohol rehab programme can be daunting. Hence, we’ve made sure our facilities give a sense of comfort and homeliness.

In a serene suburb, Cassiobury Court features discreet gardens and areas allowing introspection on addiction and the rehabilitation journey.

Within our centre, you can expect:

  • Single private bedrooms
  • Double private bedrooms
  • Shared and ensuite bathrooms
  • Personal therapy rooms
  • Multipurpose group therapy rooms
  • Communal lounge and dining spaces
  • A TV lounge
  • Wholesome meals

Dedicated Recovery Specialists and Medical Staff Are Ready To Assist

Beyond customised recovery plans and top-notch facilities, Cassiobury Court promises 24/7 care and support.

Our dedicated team of recovery experts and medical staff will be available to aid, converse, and ensure your comfort throughout your journey. They’re also there to address any concerns promptly.

Get in Touch with Cassiobury Court for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Welling

You may have begun your search looking for outpatient rehab in Welling but might now see the benefits of a private residential programme.

If this speaks to you, contact our admissions team today. They’re ready to discuss how the Cassiobury Court can guide you to long-term recovery.

Although taking a step towards rehab might seem overwhelming, delaying treatment isn’t advisable. Remember, in the realm of addiction, time is invaluable.

If you’re prepared to reach out, call us at 01923 369 161 today.

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