We have treatment centres for drug and alcohol rehab in Dagenham

The effects of a drug or alcohol addiction on your family, loved ones, and society in general can’t be underestimated.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In Dagenham

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Dagenham

Not only can addiction affect your mind and body, it can ruin relationships, careers, and even see you end up in legal trouble.

However, there is help out there available if you’re willing to change. Cassiobury Court is a popular choice for those looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Dagenham, set in a quiet part of London, just an hour’s drive away.

A stay with us allows you to undergo world-class treatments in a caring, supportive environment.


Is it time for rehab?

We often hear about celebrities and high-profile people going into rehab, and you may think it’s something that’s reserved for the rich and famous

However, residential rehab can have benefits for people from all walks of life, allowing them to spend time away from home.

This can help them identify negative behaviour patterns and stay away from people who might be a bad influence.

It also makes it extremely difficult to relapse, cutting you off from dealers and others who might threaten your sobriety.

There are no particular requirements to enter Cassiobury Court for rehab. Even if you’ve tried a local drug and alcohol service or a different rehab, but relapsed after a period, we can still help you get a fresh start.

Many people come to us because they feel they’ve reached their rock bottom, whether it’s because of a relationship breakdown, job loss or other problem caused by their addiction.

Whatever the reason, we offer the highest standards of care and understanding for your situation, and as long as you’re willing to try our treatment plan, we can help.


Choosing Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Dagenham

In areas such as Dagenham, it can be difficult to get treatment on the NHS as there are large numbers of alcohol and drug users who need support.

This is a problem in many boroughs of the city of London, where they have to prioritise the most serious cases and often have very limited treatment options.

That’s why so many people are now considering options such as private rehab. Cassiobury Court can often admit people within 48 hours, helping to avoid the escalation of their problems in the meantime.

There’s no doubt that private rehab provides a much more pleasant experience for those suffering from substance misuse and alcohol addictions.

You’ll get a tailored treatment programme and can enjoy homely, comfortable surroundings for your journey.

Cassiobury Court is set in a leafy area on the outskirts of Watford, making it an excellent location for those from Barking and Dagenham, and it’s surrounded by grounds and parkland, so you don’t feel like you’re locked up inside.

You can opt for a single room for your stay with us, giving you peace and privacy, but there are also opportunities to get to know fellow patients.

elax in the TV room, enjoy a chat in the lounge, or join in the discussions at group therapy sessions.


Life at Cassiobury Court

Most of our clients come in for a 28-day programme at Cassiobury Court, which gives us time to offer intensive, comprehensive treatments that can help you stay sober in the long term.

When you first call us to enquire about drug and alcohol rehab in Dagenham, we’ll talk you through the entire process, ensuring all your questions are answered.

We can arrange for things such as transport, and when you arrive, you’ll be shown round and given a warm welcome.

We carry out a full assessment of your mental and physical health which can give us an idea of the sort of help you might benefit from.

You aren’t just another service user with us, we want to personalise the experience to suit you.

Most people who stay with us go through a detox as their first step. A detox gets all the drugs and alcohol out of your system, which can often feel like a huge relief.

However, it can be a tough process, often bringing withdrawal symptoms.

We can usually prescribe medication to get you through the worst of the side effects, while also offering 24/7 support when you need it most.

Your stay at Cassiobury Court will include traditional talking therapies, both one-on-one sessions with a counsellor and as part of a group, which will give you time to think about the reasons for your addiction and learn skills to overcome it.

Our treatment services also include holistic therapies, workshops, fitness sessions and much more, so you can go home feeling better than ever.

We also spend a lot of time teaching you the signs of relapse and how to avoid going back to drugs and alcohol in future.

You can work out your triggers to avoid and what to do if you’re tempted.


Aftercare from Cassiobury Court

While you stay with us for drug and alcohol rehab in Dagenham, it’s difficult to relapse and get your hands on drugs or alcohol.

However, eventually you have to return to your life, which means the first year after rehab can be when you’re most at risk from a relapse.

Everyone who completes their 28-day programme at Cassiobury Court gets 12 months of free aftercare to help them through this challenging time.


Is Cassiobury Court right for me?

If you’re still wondering whether this type of rehab is right for you, all you need to do is pick up the phone and speak to our team.

Our initial assessment will help you decide whether we’re the right place for you and help us work out whether we are the right option for you.

In cases that involve young people or others who might not suit our programme, we’ll put you in touch with organisations who may be able to help.

If you’re seeking drug and alcohol rehab in Dagenham, you can speak to our experienced, caring team by simply giving us a call or texting HELP to 83222 to start your journey with Cassiobury Court.




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