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Complex, impactful and psychologically ingrained, a drug and alcohol addiction is a condition requiring significant treatment and intervention, to suppress. Through the essential steps of treatment, withdrawalrehabilitation and rebuild, professional addiction recovery support will be recommended.

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Reasonably, this far, the idea of getting clean through the cold turkey technique may have sprung to mind for you. Cutting off exposure to drugs and alcohol, at a rapid rate, can help to reduce cravings. However, commonly dealt with incorrectly, cravings are known to intensify through untreated withdrawal symptoms, making it both challenging and dangerous to go it alone.

There are a wealth of benefits, beyond the downfalls of such technique, linked to professional rehabilitation, which you can encounter through a drug and alcohol rehab in Balham. With this degree and specialism of support, tackling the significance of addiction can be possible.

Our treatment centre here at Cassiobury Court can facilitate a professional drug rehabilitation programme, working around your needs, boasting suitable treatment options, relapse prevention planning, and support towards long-term recovery. Contact our team for support through the most beneficial form of addiction recovery.


Professional drug and alcohol addiction recovery

As addiction to drugs and alcohol can easily form, breaking such connections can also be perceived as an easy step. This is however a misconception, downplaying the need for professional withdrawal and rehabilitation.

Due to the physical and psychological nature of addiction, recovery efforts must include both detoxification and rehabilitation, through a range of treatment services. Alone, completing such necessary steps will be impossible, reducing the opportunity of full, long-term recovery. Yet with professional backing, through a drug and alcohol rehab in Balham, those efforts can be experienced. See more information about our detox services offered in the London area here.

It’s also important to remember that cutting off or stopping drug and alcohol consumption will be a shock to the system for your body and brain. Withdrawal symptoms are a common response to such shock, which can place health and safety at risk. Again, alone, risks will be high, also reducing the ability to maintain soberness. However, through professional support and medically recommended detox processes, wellbeing can be prioritised.

In fact, offering an efficient, reliable, and real chance to recover, professional drug and alcohol addiction recovery efforts are sought-after, available to you here at Cassiobury Court.


Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Balham

Through professional services, selecting between outpatient and inpatient rehab will be required. Ultimately, deciding between NHS support or the services of a private drug and alcohol rehab in Balham will be necessary.

Through this selection, prioritising your needs, your recovery timeline, your recovery goals, and your urgency to withdraw will be important, as both forms of professional rehabilitation offer different programmes and processes.

NHS treatment services are reliable, are familiar and are normally utilised for health concerns. However, through demand, long waiting lists and generalised programmes, recovering from a drug and alcohol addiction can be difficult through such an approach. Instead, inpatient rehab will be encouraged, at a private level, to experience the necessary pace, context, and intensity of addiction recovery.

Accessing our private treatment centre can be completed through an efficient admissions process, allowing for immediate support to be experienced. A 28-day programme will be recommended, outlining suitable treatment options, plans of relapse prevention and post-rehab support services. With consistency, concentration and personalisation, inpatient drug and alcohol rehab is found to urgently secure capabilities of rehabilitation and long-term recovery.

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Contact our team to discuss possible recovery plans for yourself, to gauge whether outpatient or inpatient rehab will be best for you in Balham or the wider London area.


Suitable treatment options

Treatment options with suitability in mind can be expected with professional backing. Understanding your needs, history with drugs and alcohol, and wellbeing will allow for safe and effective recommendations of addiction treatment.

Mostly, inpatient rehab commences with a detoxification process, to promote internal withdrawal from drugs and alcohol. Expecting to complete such a process here at Cassiobury Court, a medically safe alcohol detox will be available to you, to recover on a physical level.

From here, programmes are tailored, to meet the needs of our clients, advocating a range of treatment services to motivate rehabilitation. Dialectical behavioural therapy, support groups, stress management, mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy, and individual therapy are some of those services.

Based on your addiction history, causation and symptoms, a treatment programme will be formed, aiming to hold both detoxification and rehabilitation as realistic goals.


Planned relapse prevention

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Balham, on an inpatient basis, you’ll also encounter relapse prevention planning. Found to offer confidence, security, and guidance through the post-rehab transition, planned relapse prevention is a beneficial tool, personalised to your lifestyle.

To prevent relapse, understanding possible triggers, developing coping strategies, maintaining motivation, and sustaining direction are important. A personal plan will support prevention, tailored to meet your post-rehab goals and choices.


Long-term recovery

Addiction recovery is a long-term goal, which can be sustained by completing rehabilitation, planning for the future, and accepting ongoing support. Aftercare is a natural advancement after rehab, to assist with this goal.

Through professional support, each step of addiction recovery can be experienced, helping to turn current intentions into long-term change. Reasonably, this level of reliability and security is lacking through lone attempts of withdrawal.

Select the most effective form, turning your efforts into opportunities for sobriety. Via a drug and alcohol rehab clinic or a private service, you can complete the steppingstones of addiction recovery, offered here at Cassiobury Court.

There are a wide range of talking therapies offered through rehab, recommended for suitability and effectiveness. The most common include cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, individual therapy, family therapy and group therapy. Each form has its own aims, to assist with the rehabilitation area of addiction recovery.

Yes, you can work through a family and friend referral to offer both emotional support and the encouragement of rehab. We offer this service at Cassiobury Court, providing varying routes of accessibility into rehab.

Reaching out to our team will provide some direction on how to approach the theme of recovery, along with arranging a referral/intervention.

Ideally, visits are kept to a minimum through rehab, due to the focus that’s required to work through an inpatient programme. Safety is also important, ensuring that clients are comfortable and fully immersed in addiction recovery.

Involvement is possible through therapy sessions. Yet visits are controlled on a per-person basis, depending on circumstances and recovery timeline.

Experience professional addiction recovery support from our specialist rehabilitation centre, accessible and suitable for efficient recovery.

Raffa Bari

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Raffa manages the day to day caring services here at Cassiobury Court. Dedicated to the treatment and well being of our visitors she is an outstanding mental health coach registered with BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists). Raffa has outstanding experience in managing rehabs across the country and is vastly experienced at helping people recover from drug and alcohol addictions.

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